NBHA redirecting funds to neuter programs

(An open letter to the community of North Brunswick)

As you may be aware, the North Brunswick Humane Association has long been working toward the goal of establishing a no-kill animal shelter in our community. While we have made some progress toward this goal, it has become clear that as a small, private, nonprofit, volunteer organization, the NBHA does not possess the resources needed to raise the millions that would be required to build and operate a shelter at this time. We have not abandoned this goal entirely, but we have made the decision to use some of the money that has been raised for the shelter project to fund some small grants toward programs related to making sure that unwanted pets are not born in the first place. The ongoing fundraising activities of the NBHA will continue to raise money to fund the pilot Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) as well as our other ongoing programs, such as pet food distribution for families in need of short-term assistance, collection and distribution of blankets, towels and supplies used at local shelters, and educational programs in elementary schools. In addition, NBHA helps out members of the community whenever possible. Most recently, we assisted with the search for a lost housecat, who fortunately did eventually find his way home. Several small grants are currently being considered for spay/neuter programs, which are directly compatible with the original purpose of the shelter program, in that a reduction in the population of unwanted and abandoned animals reduces the need for a shelter to house these animals. We are thankful to the many generous and caring members of our community who continue to support our organization, thereby helping us to continue to directly help animals in need.

The NBHA meets on the second Monday of every month from 7:30 p.m. to approximately 9 p.m. in the North Brunswick Municipal Building, 710 Hermann Road, in the conference room on the first floor. All members of our community are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings at any time. Our president, Jay Soloway, can be reached via e-mail at JnMuttley2@aol.com. Our website is www.NorthBrunswickHumane.org.

Erica Bundy
Public Relations Coordinator
North Brunswick Humane