Volunteering can mean many things to many people.

Below are a few stories from NBHA volunteers about why they volunteer.



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Participate in changing the world

I’ve always been an empathetic person who appreciated nature, from rocks to rhinoceros.

I was and still am the one who cries when I see a hurt animal, disabled, mentally ill, or homeless person. I always wondered why the world could be kind and cruel simultaneously.

When I started volunteering, I finally felt like I was no longer just a sympathetic observer, but someone who cared enough to do something. I was able to recognize that the world had enough talkers and needed more doers. Before that, it was easy to comment, opine, and nod in disbelief at the inhumane acts of others from the sidelines. When I made up my mind to do something about it, I realized I can actually participate in changing the world.

I wanted to do something good with my life

It started with a motorcycle accident. I had no helmet on and my face broke the fall 😁; luckily on the grass. I crashed on a 4 foot patch of grass between the road and the tree line; my head hit the ground about a foot from the road.

As I healed, I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to do something good with my life; not something for me, but something for others. Because of my love for animals and experience in technology, I thought if I can help a humane organization, that would in some way help them to help more of those who need it.

I started my search to see if I could find a local humane organization that had a website in need of some help and luckily I found the North Brunswick Humane Association, LOL 😁 Helping them save money on technology and improve their use of it to further their mission is priceless. Now, I wish I started sooner… 

It has enhanced my life tremendously

I didn’t even know that the North Brunswick Humane Association existed.

At the insistence of a friend who was in the local Grooming business I attended a meeting of the North Brunswick Humane Association 12 years ago. I had just left Corp America after 23 years and was just opening up my Pet Sitting business. She thought it would be a good fit and I could contribute a lot. At that first meeting the Board asked me to organize that year’s Dog Walk & Adoption Day Event. I accepted and we had great success and it made me proud.

At that time, NBHA was looking to open up a Shelter located in the Community Park, (Project Shelter). I felt my past working experience could add value to the organization and in turn add value to my life. It does to this day. After some discussion and review, Project Shelter was abandoned.

As people came in & out of the organization, good ideas flowed and we established some good programs. I joined the Board of Directors in 2011.

At the request of one of our largest Residential Communities we established the Community Cat Program (CCP), which today still exists today and we provide our services to all local Communities. In the community where I live I proudly coordinate the CCP at the request of the Homeowners Association. I have learned some much from current and past NBHA members regarding Feral Cats. It has enhanced my life tremendously.

I have worked well in a team environment my whole life. So the sharing of ideas and a Team effort fits my mindset. I have grown to know a lot of people in the NB Community, developed relationships with people in the Municipal Complex and I am proud to be a Member of the North Brunswick Humane Association.

Find out more about volunteering by attending our next meeting