If your looking for your next pet, look no further. 

Join Us on National Pet Day at our meeting on 4/11/2022 and Learn about Selecting Your Family Pet at our next meeting.

When buying a pet for your family, take the time to learn which pet is right for you. It is an important decision that should take a lot of thought and consideration. Think about your lifestyle and what kind of animal you can reasonably accommodate. Animal Shelters are filled with dogs & cats because adopters/buyers did not review & consider all the facts.

The North Brunswick Humane Association & President, Vincent Sheehan (owner of Katie’s Pet Depot) will review all the facts you need to consider when selecting and bringing home a new pet.

Next Meeting

Date: 12/12/2022 7:00 PM
Location: North Brunswick Senior Center

Social Distancing and Mask Wearing is mandatory.