Our Community Cat Program had help to TNR a small colony in New Brunswick. The caretaker notified us about a small cat with an injury on her front leg. The cat was very friendly and the caretaker was able to pick it up and put in a trap. At our request, a local rescue, Holisticat Rescue and Rehabilitation agreed to take in the cat and provide for medical evaluation and treatment, which NBHA agreed to pay for through it CCP. The cost for Peggy’s medical treatment was $1380.90.

Peggy was treated for infection and her front leg needed to be amputated so she would not continue to re-injure her leg by walking on the joint. Peggy had a very smooth recovery, thanks to the excellent care provided by Holisticat. As Peggy was recovering, another rescue with whom we have partnered on TNR projects, Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society agreed to accept her into their rescue once she had healed. Once Peggy arrived at KCZD, Peggy became Norah and within a short time she was adopted in her forever home.

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