Lulu – 9-year-Old Neutered Female

She needs someone who will be very patient with her, takes the time to be gentle and understanding with her shy nature.

She would need to be transitioned slowly into a new home by keeping her in one small area/one room for at least several weeks first, not just letting her loose in the whole house to hide.

Once Lulu is properly bonded and trusted in her new environment, then she can be allowed to explore the rest of her new home further.

It took Lulu a few months to be less shy, but now she LOVES being brushed. She will let you pet her once she trusts you, when she is sleeping on your couch or bed, but she is not a lapcat and does not like to be picked up. She will rub around your legs every morning at meal time 🙂 She is a finicky eater – only tuna/mackerel canned food and only a very small portion or it is wasted.

Interested Parties

Please Contact Mary B. at 732 – 579-2979