The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

NBHA May 2011 Monthly Meeting Minutes

NBHA May Monthly Meeting Minutes (5/9/11)
7:30 pm ET
710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex
Conference Room #1

In Attendance: Michele Andrea, Jay Soloway, Vincent Sheehan, Sandra Erickson, Erica Bundy, Brenda Sauer, Eileen Lorner, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Susan Garofalo, Ann Marie Walters, Jane Prestup and David Prestup, Lisa Coletta, Dan R. Smith, Jocelyn Caffrey, Gina Rojeck, Gail Bergstein, Claire Butkus and Carol Paszament.

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 pm by Jay Soloway. The minutes from the April monthly meeting were read and accepted. The membership went around the room and introduced themselves.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Vincent Sheehan. The opening balance as of March 31, 2011 was $50,747.63, deposits made in the amount of $895.92, checks written in the amount of $295.44 with a pending disbursement of $237.70, leaving an ending balance of $51,110.41.

Updates at May Meeting:

• Public Announcements and One Off Events- Jay spoke about the importance of having the board and or Erica Bundy, PR Officer, approve all public announcements. Additionally, all events no matter how small or large must be presented at a monthly meeting and requires approval by the membership. Members should use the project plan template as a basis for presenting their ideas.
Flea Market Event May 21st -9am to 2pm-The members have decided to move forward as planned even though we have hit a few bumps in the road. We are still looking for donations and if anyone has a Truck of any sort that we can borrow for a few hours on Saturday morning to transport the goods from storage to the Township Complex we would appreciate you contacting Jay Soloway immediately at 917-658-9952.
The NBHA Spay & Neuter Pilot Grant Program– this will be the association’s Flagship Program. Lisa & Dan reported NBHA will provide up to 10 grants at $500 each to existing 501C3 Animal Rescue Organizations to be used for the sole purpose of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. The term of the grant will be six months. The membership voted on establishing the program, all where in favor.
North Brunswick Dog Park Bulletin Board– Gail has started to redesign the bulletin board, will continue to work on it.
Dog/Cat Food Bank– Sandy reported NBHA fed 12 dogs and 17 cats last month and added 4 new families to our food bank list. Jay will follow up with the Township on the telephone line for this purpose. When the new telephone line is obtained, Michele will change all media.
Educational Outreach Update – Ann Marie & Claire reported 5 Schools have been completed to date. The Judd School is scheduled for May 24th. Anyone interested in getting involved in presenting this program and is available for an hour in the afternoon, please contact us on the web at and we will pass you information on to Ann Marie and Claire.
Donation Cans – Sandi introduced our new Donation Can label design. Distribution of cans took place. Anyone who has taken a can please remember to email Sandi with the location of the can at . Also don’t forget to write the name of the location on the bottom of the can with black magic marker.
Black Tie Event– Vince reported Katie’s Pet Depot held the Black & White Cat Adoption event this year in conjunction with Wags to Riches. This year’s event was not as successful as they had hoped.
Cold Water Creek Event– Ann Marie reported on this opportunity for a tabling event at the Cold Water Creek store in the Shops of North Brunswick. Anyone who donates to us that day will get 20% discount immediately off the purchase price. The membership agreed on the event and the date will be discussed at the June meeting.
Modell’s Discount Coupons– Jay handed out the Modell’s Sporting Goods discount coupon program in which if a 15% coupon is used by the customer, NBHA gets 5% back. The program runs from 5/20/11-6/16/11. Members took coupons to give out to friends & family. We will also give these out at the Flea Market and the Mall events.
Mall Event – Memorial Day Weekend- May 28th from 12pm – 7pm- Simon Malls has invited us to both the Brunswick Square mall and Menlo Mall. Jay will be doing the tabling event at the Menlo Mall and Sandi will do the event at the Brunswick Square Mall. Volunteers are needed for both Malls to help out throughout the day. Please contact Jay (917-658-9952) or Sandi (908-812-6571) if you are interested.
Status of Press Release on “New NBHA”- Erica- will contact DJ on press release. Also Erica will create a draft of press releases announcing our new programs.

Introduce New Business:

Save a Senior Cat Program – Eileen reported introduced this program to the membership. The goals of the program are to save the lives of senior cats aged 7 and older from euthanasia at animal shelters and a caged life with animal rescue groups. To offer the therapeutic benefits and companionship to people over the age of 18. The program will be capped initially at 20 cats at $60 per cat. NBHA will provide the subsidy for the pilot program. The membership voted and all were in favor.

Next Meeting, Monday, June 13th

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50pm