The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

NBHA January Monthly Minutes

January Monthly Meeting

Minutes For Jauary 10, 2011
Attendees: Jay Soloway, Michele Andrea,Lora Munkin,Linda Sheehan,Lisa Coletta, Dan Smith, Christine Arlotta, Annmarie Walters, Pam Goodyer,Vince Sheehan, Katie Nordhaus,Beth Shamy,Erica Bundy, Diana Gro, Lixangel Daniel, Carol Paszament,Gina Rojek.

The meeting was called to order by Jay Soloway-Interim President at 7:30pm.The December 2010 monthly meeting minutes were read and accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was provided by Vince Sheehan with the following:

Beginning Balance – 12/10/2010……………………$49,525.46

Checks Written – Check #290-To Darren Young – $(217.08)

Deposits Received:

11/29/10– Donations – Capital One ……………$ 142.31

11/29/10– Donations – Dodge ball………………. 1.00

11/29/10– Donations – Unrestricted…………….. 10.00

11/29/10– Donations – GoodSearch……………. 6.93

11/29/10– Donations – Ebates………………….. 5.85

12/12/10– Donations – NB Township………….. 482.00

12/12/10– Donations – Unrestricted……………. 25.00

12/15/10– Donations – Donation Cans………… 411.16

Ending Balance 12/10/2010………………………….$50,392.63

The members went around the room and introduced themselves.

A discussion ensued on NBHA’s current status. What do we want to do as a membership? Is Project Shelter still a viable solution? It was pointed out it requires $2.5m to build and based on information from existing shelters it takes $300k annually to operate. Maybe the membership would best serve the community supporting other existing shelters and rescue groups. Does it make sense to reach out to the other Brunswick communities to join forces with us on mutual endeavors? More to come on this subject.

The members spoke about the city of Helmetta and that they are in the process of building an animal shelter. A future discussion will take place if we want to get involved with the Helmetta project since theirs is to our knowledge, not a “no kill” shelter.

Donation Cans– Sandyis looking for volunteers to support the distribution of donation cans in the local business community. Sandywill get back to the membership when new cans are ready.

Dog/Cat Food Distribution- This team is also in need of volunteers. Annemarie indicated we have 23 to 25 families that we deliver dog or cat food to once a month to their homes. Our current collection locations are Shoprite in the Renaissance and Stop & Shop on Route 27. Sandyposed the question on the potential of having the Library as an additional dog/cat food collection site. Sandywill follow up with the Library.

A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around to the membership for both Donation Cans and Food Distribution.

Nominations of Officers- will begin at the February meeting. If anyone is interested please let us know. It doesn’t take a specific skill set to be an officer just desire and a commitment.

Event Planning- Flea Market — this event last year was a huge profit endeavor with very little expense. We should make a decision by the next meeting if we want to go forward with this event again this year.

Youth Group Support– Since The East Brunswick Youth Group will not be supporting us in 2011; Michele indicated we should reach out to the Volunteer Councils of the local high schools and colleges for support. Lora indicated many of the local corporations have volunteer councils as well and perform ongoing community service. Sandymentioned the North BrunswickPublic Library sent NBHA an email about their youth group supporting us on future events. MiddlesexCountyCollegewas interested in helping as well.

MunicipalBuildingDisplay Case– Jay indicated August is NBHA’s month for use of the display case in the Township lobby. Let’s keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

Educational Program-Annemarie spoke about the educational programs which will begin in the spring. Maybe there is a way to get involved with other communities by going into their schools and providing animal education. More to come on this.

Support of the Community-Annemarie indicated one of our residents does not have transportation to the NB Free Rabies Clinic. Lisa Coletta volunteered to transport the resident and her dog to the Clinic on January 15th. Great team work!

NBHA Website- Sandy & Erica – both have stepped up to take on the Website Administration & Maintenance. Thank You both. Sandyspoke about displaying on the web site member accomplishments and involvement with other animal organizations. All agreed. Erica spoke about Facebook and if anyone has any ideas for the web site please contact her.

Announcement- Katie Franklin Township Free Rabies clinic for Cats is March 12, 2011

Katie also spoke about the local vet service that FranklinTownshipoffers to all residents and non residents. If you are interested in these services or need more information please call 732-395-8631.

Thanks to everyone who attended, we had a lot of interesting points raised. Next meeting is Monday, February 14, 2011at 7:30pmin Room #1, at the North BrunswickTownshipComplex on 710 Hermann Road.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.