The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

NBHA November Meeting Minutes

North Brunswick Humane Association
Minutes for November 9, 2010

The meeting commenced at 7:30

In attendance were Christine Young, Pam Goodyear, Luz Massiel Diaz, Lora Muckin, Jay Soloway, Christine Panzicot, Michele Andrea, David Prestup, Erica Bundy, Annemarie Walters, Claire Butkus, Diana Grow, Linda Sheehan, Vincent Sheehan, Brenda Sauer, LixAngel Garcia, Elda Hubbard, Geoff Goyette, Darren Young, Joan Cenicola and Naomi Milner

The minutes from the October, 2010 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

PREVIOUS BALANCE – Operating Account 9/21/10


$150 Balance DJ for Dog Walk
$50 Scheller Printing-Dog Walk Certificates
$474.00 NJ Party Works-Dog Walk Entertainment
$350.00 Starting cash for dog walk
$300.00 Creative Entertainment


$184.89 Cans
$6,130.18 Dog Walk Proceeds
$115.15 Brunswick Square Mall
$300 Comedy Club Night
$40.05 Heritage Day Donations
$20.00 Membership Fees
$ 135.00 Memorial Donations

BALANCE Operating Acct. as of 10/21/10 $50,509.30
CURRENT BALANCE Raffle Acct. as of 10/31/10
ING/CD BALANCE (as of 10/31/10)

GRAND TOTAL: $52,441.74

-Michele Andrea reviewed the Dog Walk profits. The grand total was $7,538.00. La Casa Del Futbal did not pay the $1000 Gold Sponsor fee.

Article/Story Submission NBHA has had several unsuccessful attempts to begin a newsletter. It was proposed that members come up with their own content. Members can submit their own articles about things such as rescue stories, opinions, animal tips etc. All submissions will be posted on the website and every six months, the best articles will be put into a newsletter. AnnMarie Walters said that she already has winter through summer papers from the old Paws and Concerns newsletter. Michele Andrea advised that articles should revolve around our core mission and should include rescue and food donation stories and said that we should provide new members with material. Ann Marie volunteered to put a packet of material together for new members.

Upcoming Events

Dodge Ball Event –The North Brunswick Department of Recreation is holding a event where representatives from non-profits will play dodge ball with the kids. It is an opportunity for people to learn more about the non-profits in North Brunswick. Volunteers are needed November 19th at 7pm-9pm to play and to man the NBHA table.

Comedy Show –NBHA will be having a comedy show Friday, December 17 at 9pm at Bust –A-Gut Comedy Club in Yogi’s American Grill and Sports Bar in Monroe. Tickets are $20. Five dollars will be donated to NBHA. For tickets call 609-655-4775 or go to

Donation Can Program –this ongoing program is still looking for volunteers. If anyone knows of additional places or if cans are full, please get in touch with Lisa Fama.

Before the meeting could be adjourned, Claire proposed that, in light of the fact that NBHA has raised over $50,000, a financial committee be established. She argued that NBHA has never had an audit and feels that one should be done to account for all money. It was pointed out that audits are expensive. Claire stated that audits are required, as stated in the bylaws and questioned why none have been done until now. She could not find this requirement in the bylaws, nor could Joan. She then pointed out that anyone can do an audit, not just an accountant. It was suggested that we have to set a precedent as to what an audit is.

Claire also pointed out that, according to the bylaws, NBHA should have executive, nominating and financial committees. She questioned who the Board of Managers is. Joan explained that the Board of Managers is actually the Board of Directors and has always been in existence. Claire argued why the Board of Managers so prevalent in the bylaws if none exists. It was suggested that a committee be established to review and revamp the current bylaws.

Michele Andrea interjected that we have no skills assessment questionnaire. She stated that she would like to review what skills each member possesses. Perhaps, we have an accountant who will do a free audit. Joan informed her that this is located on the membership form. Michele questioned why this is not known to all members. She also questioned that since NBHA’s main focus is Project Shelter, why there is little update as to the status of the shelter. She informed the board that Project Shelter does not consist of only the four board members and demanded more transparency. She suggested a Project Shelter committee.

A bylaws committee motioned was seconded. It was pointed out that the NBHA president was not in attendance. It was suggested by the board that we wait to vote on a committee until the president is available. The members made it clear that the president does not have to be present to vote on anything. The membership voted and it was passed that a bylaws committee be established.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Naomi Milner