The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

Sept 2018 – Monthly Meeting

North Brunswick Humane Association
Membership Meeting
Monday, September 17,2018
North Brunswick Municipal Complex
710 Hermann Road
Employee Lounge

The Meeting was Called to Order by President, Vincent Sheehan at 7:09pm

In Attendance: Michele Andrea, Leslie Earle, Dan Smith, Vincent Sheehan, Jennifer Peppe, Lesley Smith, Michael Murray, Shawn Africk, Kicia Powell, Donna Hildreth, Carol Paszamant, Erica Bundy, Jocelyn Caffrey, Jane Prestup & Dave Prestup

Introductions took place

The August Minutes were Read and Accepted

The Treasurer’s Report was not given. Data not available

Upcoming Events & Issues:

• 15th Annual Dog Walk-a-Thon & Adoption Day Event – Dan Smith & Michele Andrea – There were a total of 11 Sponsors, 21 Vendors & 10 Animal Rescues/Non-Profits. The preliminary results were read – Approximately $6400 in Revenue & $1200 in Expenses, $5200 was the Net Amount. Results will be presented at the next meeting. A discussion ensued with alot of good ideas to possibly revamp the event for next year. Next year a Committee Brainstorming meeting will take place in ample time to look at all our alternatives to make changes to the event. Michele will contact the Township to see if we can secure an October 2019 date now.

• Community Cat Program- Donna Hildreth updated the members- Since the start of the program NBHA has helped 1200 Cats to date. Total Expenses-Year to Date are $16,351.19. Donna has raised donations through Facebook of $12,000.

• Introduction to New Fundraising Events & Raffles- There were some new ideas presented.
1.Donna Hildreth reported that Mary Roland from St Francis Feline Fellowship spoke to the Board at their last meeting about helping us with Fundraising. St Francis has invited NBHA to join them in a Fundraising Raffle where we will both sell raffle tickets for a theme raffle during the Holidays “Eat, Drink & Be Merry Raffle” Raffle. It will consist of a (Sleigh,6 Gift Cards/Booze & Treats).
2 In the future will be work on having a Tricky Tray Event.
3. Dan Smith handed out a flyer from the upcoming Pop’s Farm Market “Wine Tasting & Family Fun Day Event” on September 30th 11am-5pm,238 Cranbury Station ,Monroe Township. He is going to look into seeing if NBHA can have a table at the event. Dan will follow up for volunteers.
4. Donna mentioned how anyone can setup on your own Facebook page a “Fundraiser for NBHA” for people you know and communicate with.
5. Several sites in which NBHA gets a donation after purchases are- Amazon Smile, I Give,Org & Google Suites

• Dine to Donate – Leslie Earle updated – TGI Fridays results-$108.00, Green Turtle-$99.00. The next Dine to Donate will be at Leone’s Trattoria, 1626 Rt 130,North Brunswick on Friday, November 9th ,All Day- Eat in or Take out. Flyer must be presented.

• NBHA Web Site Design- Dan Smith, Leslie Earle & Shawn Africk have been working on the redesign. Shawn has setup a development site for review. They meet again to finalize.

• Middlesex County Shelter and TNR- Donna Hildreth – There is no Middlesex County Shelter. North Brunswick & New Brunswick have to take their rescues to the Associated Humane Society of Newark, which is not an appealing place. Middlesex County has to take Animal Welfare seriously. Currently there is a Petition to have a Shelter in Middlesex County. We will email blast the petition, one may go On Line and sing it. TNR (Trap,Neuter,Return) is another issue that needs addressing at the County /Township level.

• Heritage Day- October 6th – 11:00am- 5:00pm- NB Community Park-Dan Smith and Michele Andrea- Volunteers will be sent a reminder email to come at 1:00pm. They don’t have to be there for setup. Volunteers are: Michele, Dan, Emily Trager, Nancy Costello, Lesley Smith, Michael Murray & Jane & Dave Prestup.

• Victory Subaru- Dog Adoption Day Event-Michele Andrea will meet with Victory Subaru this week to discuss a October Dog Adoption Day. We prefer a Sunday, so we could use the inside facility in bad weather. All American Subaru is holding their Dog Adoption on a Sunday.

• North Brunswick High School -s holding a RAIDERS FUN DAY- October 14th. 11AM-4PM IN THE Parking Lot. Dan will look into seeing if NBHA can have a table at the event.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Membership Meeting – Monday, October 15th – Employee Lounge