The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

July 2018 – Montly Meeting

North Brunswick Humane Association
Membership Meeting
Monday, July 9,2018
North Brunswick Municipal Complex
710 Hermann Road
Employee Lounge- Basement Floor


The Meeting was Called to Order by President Vincent Sheehan at 7:10pm


In Attendance: Leslie Earle, Michele Andrea, Vincent Sheehan, Zoltan Braz, Dan Smith, Jen Peppe, Nancy Costello, Ron Desciora, Pam Gewirtz, Jane Prestup, Carol Paszamant, Erica Bundy & Kicia Powell

Introductions took place

 June Minutes were Read & Accepted

 Treasurer Report: As of June 30,2018, the Bank Balance is $36,158.17 with Expenses of $432.75 & Income of $720 included in the balance.

 Upcoming Events & Issues:

  • Super Cat Adoption Day Event (SCAD) – Lisa Coletta – Final results- 45 Cats Adopted


  • NBHA Rummage SaleJuly 21st- from 8am-2pm in the Township Complex– Dan Smith Update- the volunteers sheet was passed around for sign up. Dan will need help at this event. Michele will contact the American Water Co. to see if they could help Dan load the truck the Friday before.


  • Garden State Cat Show & Expo – July 21st & July 22nd – 10:00am-4:00pm- 97 Sunfield Ave, EdisonCarol Paszamant – Update – Carol has been in touch with the Event chairperson and everything is ready to go. She will let Dan know if she needs anything from NBHA as far as supplies, etc. The volunteer signup sheet was passed around & also names were provided from email commitments from (Carol, Theresa, Nancy C., Jackie & Jane).


  • Annual Dog Walk-a-Thon & Adoption Day Event September 16th, rain date September 30th NB Community Park – Michele Andrea & Dan Smith – Update- the Sponsor deadline is approaching. Michele will follow up. A volunteer sign-up sheet was previously emailed to all previous volunteers. Also, the sheet passed around. Signs & Trifolds will be ready for the August 13th meeting for all members to take & help distribute.


  • Community Cat Program- Vincent Sheehan updated the members on the need to have either Co-Chair Persons or a Chair Person to head the administrative piece of this Program. There is also a need for Trappers for this program. Those interested may contact Donna Hildreth or Vincent Sheehan.


  • Dine to Donate – Leslie Earle Update- the next Dine to Donate is at The Green Turtle, 211 Main Street, North Brunswick on Friday, September 14th from 5pm-9pm, bring your flyer. Michele will send out an email blast with the flyer and we will have copies to hand out at all upcoming events.


  • Prudential Insurance Company– Dog & Cat Food Drive- Erica Bundy – A big Thank You to Erica and the Prudential Insurance Co. for all the Dog & Cat food they collect and delivered to NBHA. A Thank You letter will go out to them.


  • The Annual North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival – June 14th – June 24th – Jennifer Peppe – Update- the protest took place on June 20th. A discussion took place regarding the status of “Nosey’s Law”; which prohibits use of elephants and other wild or exotic animals in traveling animal acts. It appears the bill may have been delayed in the NJ Legislator. More to come.


  • National Night Out –August 7th 5:00pm-9:00pm- Township Complex – Dan Smith & Michele Andrea – Update-NBHA will be at this event. A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around, Michele, Dan, Jane. Eileen King and Nancy C. will be there.


  • Heritage Day – October 6th -1:00pm- 5:00pm – NB Community Park-Dan Smith & Michele Andrea – Update- NBHA will be at this event as well and we will get sign up volunteers at a future meeting.


  • Pet Reflection Garden (“A Place to Remember & Honor Our Pets”)– Michele Andrea – Update- The North Brunswick Township has created a memorial garden in the Community Park (next to the dog park) for those pet owners whose pets have passed away. There will be an Official Dedication Ceremony on Wednesday, July 18th at 6:30pm with the Mayor present. An email blast will be sent notifying and inviting those on NBHA’s email distribution. In short, a pet owner will be able to order from the Township a gold plaque for $15 that will be engraved with the pet name, year of birth and year of death. The gold plaque will be place on a bolder. There are benches for people to sit and reflect. We encourage NBHA members to attend the dedication ceremony.


Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm


Next Membership Meeting – August 13,2018this will be a critical meeting since it is the last meeting before the Dog Walk-a-Thon & Adoption Day Event. We need as many members as possible at the meeting.