The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

April 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes


NBHA General Meeting
April 11, 2016
Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick


Cheryl Vitow – 7:00 pm

March Minutes not posted



Lisa Coletta, Judy Rosier, Leslie Earle, Donna Hildreth, Cheryl Vitow, Connie Hambel, Beth Mechenbaum, Dan Smith, Bonnie Breen, Carolyn Myers, Vincent Sheehan, Emily Tager, Michele Andrea, Susan Keller, Nicole Gombas, Jackie Gminder, Carol Paszamant, Erica Bundy



Treasurer Report for Month of March:   Dan Smith

Treasurer’s Report-Read. Full report available on request.

Attendees were asked if there were any questions and there were none.


Food Bank – Michele Andrea

Collections were as follows:

113 lbs Dog and Cat Food

267 cans Dog and Cat Food

16 Misc treats


Dog Related Food and Treats went to the Franklin Shelter

Cat food to CCP care takers and Feral Cat Programs

Cheryl explained how above works for new members/attendees

Jay is picking up weekly and distributing.



$12,000 yearly budget

$  4,269 used to date

$ 7,730 Balance

$1,526 Donation Offset


634 cans cat food collected and working with care taers to teach them how to trap and to take to shelters.

20 cats scheduled to be fixed in April



Donna Hildreth: July 16/17 – Garden State cat Club will bring sign up sheet for next months meeting.

Explained lending of traps

Jackie asked where 524 cans were obtained from.  It was explained that it was from donations directly to the CCP not general food bank.


Michele Andrea:  set up with

-Milltown Acme, June 18th 10 -3, Cat Food Drive

-Shoprite, July 9th 10-3, Can shake

– Milltown Acme, August 20th 10-3, Cat Food Drive


Cat Food Collected from above dates will go to the CCP and Money collected from above will by food for the CCP as well.


Cheryl – Membership Involvement

  • Explanation of Program Committee after Vince pointed out that lack of sign up participation may be because the group doesn’t know what programming committee is all about.
  • Historical Committee – what is it?
  • Carol Pazamant –Brain Storm on committees, welcome other ideas – something we are not covering, raccoon in her mom’s attic, wildlife issue – DEP website link to it on our website
  • Educational Program Rapture Trust
  • Lisa – maybe way to get NBHA people involved in field trips to Rapture Woodlands Wildlife.
  • Beth suggested Somerset Patriots game – picnic area for group , she will looking getting info on this for fundraiser.
  • Carol to Reach out to Rapture Trust and Mercer County Wildlife Center, What date is good for 15 – 20 minutes tour, educational event. Bring item off their wish list as part of contribution.
  • Donna – Fundraising –

-Dine to Donate, Spay-getti Dinner

-Patriots Game Fundraiser

-Pocketbook Bingo

– Tricky Tray

-Raffle Baskets (dog walk)

Cheryl – looking for fundraiser ideas to work on and attend (will be on next month agenda)

Carolyn and Beth will be on Fundraising committee

Cheryl looking at Big Donations coming in, what do you have a passion for

Marketing/PR assistance needed in helping get us out there.  Erica will assist but can’t take lead roll.

(News12,, Magic 98.3, Sentinel)

50 cats HarnessLife .org

Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts / Youth Groups – not really evolved at present.

Michele – Pet smart groomers, dog wash – donate time someone needs to org

Grant stuff —

Donna – Perfect Cat Catchers – Fundraising Discussion next month

By Laws – what recent changes

Annual Report update – Formatting with hopefully be out in next month

Flea market – Rummage sale need volunteers

Donna to Dan – she is willing to call vendors – followup calls

Michele has EB youth Group lined up


Cheryl Tabling Events – thank you for signing up – set up kits – second chance for Animals


Sign up for all –

Cheryl – Committees starting to form – Education Committee – Vince, Susan, Scholarship  – Education Fund input as well, Educational things that you would attend and know others want to attend


Policy and Planning Committee – Lisa and Donna


Move to adjourn

Move to second

Move carried