The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

December 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes






Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick – December 14, 2015 7:30PM


Vincent Sheehan- 7:30PM


Donna Hildreth, Judy Kosier, Connie Hamble, Jocelyn Caffrey, Leslie Earle, Beth Meichenbaum, Cheryl Vitow, Michele Andrea, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Jay Soloway, Lisa Coletta, Dan Smith, Sandra Erickson, Susan Keller, Annemarie Walters, Linda Sheehan, Carol Paszamant, Vincent Sheehan


Minutes-   Read and approved. Available on request.

Treasurer’s Report-Dan

Report not available. $21,000 Partial donation from the estate of Claire Butkus was reported as received in October and deposited in November. Full report available on request.

CCP- Donna

Full report distributed and read at meeting. Copies available on request.

Questions were raised by Annemarie Walters regarding the budgets, spending, and donations.

Concerns were noted, and discussed.


Shoe Drive-Vince/Dan

Shoes were removed from Access Storage. Bags will be picked up and weighed by Wooftrax. Dan anticipates a

proximately $400from the fundraiser, with a total of 47 bags of shoes collected by NBHA.

Stress Factory-Michele

Michele announced the date March 6, 2015 at 5:00PM for the Comedy for a Cause fundraiser. No headliner has been announced. Registration will be available online. Sponsor registration deadline is February 15. Schiller will be printing for cost. Christie Arlotta will design and format the program. Budget will be discussed at the January meeting. Please contact Michele for sponsorship forms or more information.

ByLaws – Group

The proposed bylaws were discussed at length and will be further discussed at the January meeting. The transition from a member-driven organization to a board-driven organization was also discussed. The President stated that changes to the bylaws are necessary to remove inconsistencies within the current bylaws.

No vote was taken at the meeting. Suggestions for changes were made by members. Those changes will be incorporated into a new draft for discussion at the January meeting. Those changes are as follows:

    • Include a provision for a review of records by members
    • Term limits: 2 year terms, 2 consecutive terms
    • Finance Committee to review policies, expenses and finances
    • Refine definition of voting members
    • Transpose sentence in the mission statement so that our concerns for wildlife are listed first.


Voting on new board members will be at the next general meeting on January 11.

Nominees are:

  • President– Cheryl Vitow/Sandy Erickson
  • Vice President – Vincent Sheehan
  • Secretary– Diana Sichta
  • Treasurer – Dan Smith
  • Members at Large (3) Michele Andrea, Lisa Coletta, Donna Hildreth, Susan Keller, Leslie Earle


Financial Oversight – Jocelyn Cafferty

Anthropologie- Donna/Susan

December 18, Friday from 12 to 4 at the Shoppes. Cat adoption.

Rummage Sale/Flea Market-Dan

Fundraiser will be held in May. Date TBA. Please contact Dan if you are able to help. We are seeking outdoor storage space, vendors, donations and help with local press and social media.

Dine to Donate-Leslie

January 28. Thursday. Fiddleheads, Jamesburg. Lunch/Dinner. Flyer must be presented and reservations are required. NBHA will receive 15% of your total purchase on food and beverage. Flyer will be on Facebook, and NBHA web site.


Bowling/Fundraiser – Cheryl

Charity League at Brunswick Zone Carolier. For additional information please call

Cheryl @732-599-8942. Flyer will be posted on Facebook.

Pampered Chef- Leslie

Year-end Fundraiser. Flyer will be posted on Facebook, web site and email blast.

Priority Setting-

Suggestions for priorities for the organization included the following ideas:

    • Raptor Trust – Donations/Presentation
    • Bozenberg – Reptiles
    • Organizing volunteers
    • Birds
    • Sponsor Beehives
    • Dog Issues (Wellness Program for Dogs)
    • How to Pick a Pet
    • Evening and adult education
    • Youth Group
    • Spanish speaking outreach
    • Bear Hunt


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Our next General Meeting will be on

Monday, January 11 at 7:30PM at the Municipal Building.