The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

MINUTES NBHA General Meeting- May 11, 2015
Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick – 7:30 PM

CALL TO ORDER – Vincent Sheehan 7:30 PM ATTENDEES Diana Sichta, Vincent Sheehan, Dan Smith, Jane & Dave Prestup, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Judy Kosier, Connie Hambel, Emily Trager, Michele Andrea, Susan Keller, Donna Hildreth, George Costa, Jocelyn Caffrey, Beth Meichenbaum, Lisa Coletta, Melissa Torres, Nancy Costello. Welcome to our newcomers! Thank you for attending.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES April Minutes posted for approval.


Treasurer’s Report- Dan
Read and approved. Complete report available on request

CCP, TNR – Donna
Read and approved. Complete report available on request. Donna will schedule a TNR training class in the near future. Holding space and socialization of TNR’d cats is needed.

Public Relations/Fundraising-Susan, Barb, Marilou
NBHA Towels are here and selling for $15 each, and 2 for $25. 23 Towels have been sold to date. Contact Susan, if you would like to purchase an NBHA Towel – If you have any contacts or ideas for Public Relations please contact Marylou – Rutgers Gardens offers tabling for community outreach every Friday from 11-3. Volunteers needed to promote NBHA and events. Promotional materials are available. Please contact Dan at if you can volunteer to attend.


April 16 – Dine to Donate at Bertucci’s – Barb Dan reported $299.65 from dining, and $97.86 in donation can at location for a total of $397.51. Thanks, Barb!

April 18 – Cat Adoption at Katies – Vince Vince reported 2 adoptions from event. Cat adoptions are ongoing at Katie’s Pet Depot. Please visit! April 20 – Mr Subs – Jay No report available. At this time, Mr Subs event will be canceled until further notice.

April 25 – Rutger’s Day – Susan Well received. Outreach, Sales of merchandise. Total donations $78.

May 3 – Second Chance for Animals –Nancy Paws for a Cause. $42 in donations for this event. Thanks, Nancy.

May 9 – Flea Market – Dan Despite the weather, the event was a huge success. With 70 vendors, merchandise, concession and donations, the total income was $3,671.80. After expenses, NBHA netted $3,283.99. In addition, the winner of the 50/50 returned $70 to NBHA! Some ideas were offered for future Flea Markets and will be discussed at a later meeting. Thanks, Dan and Cheryl for a great event, and thanks to all of the volunteers who came to the event to help!

May 16, 17 – A&P, Milltown Road – 11-3 – Michele A&P will host and event at this location on Saturday and Sunday-

May 16th and 17th . People for Animals will attend both days, and Jersey Girls will be there with adoptable dogs. Judy, Connie and Nancy will work the event. ACME which was originally scheduled for this date, has moved the event until Fall. TBD. ARF will be also be at the Pathmark on Rt 18 on this weekend. Posted to Facebook. Please share!

Magyar – Michele 214 cans, and 175 lbs. of food collected for the ongoing pet food drive. Drop off stations are Magyar Bank, Shop-Rite and Stop and Shop in Somerset. Thanks, Michele and Magyar Bank!

May is National Pet Month. If you have any ideas about how we can help to celebrate the month, or have ideas for future events, please contact Diana or Marilou.

Community Cat Outreach – Donna
We are in need of safe spaces for very temporary fostering. If you have a garage, or space where you could shelter a pet for a few days, please contact Donna for more information.

Fundraising and Event Planning Ideas – Group
We discussed several ideas for fundraising and planning for events. Dan will follow-up with plans to renew our gaming license. In addition to our ideas for a Fashion Show, and Designer Bag Bingo, options to host a Golf Outing or Spaghetti Dinner were suggested. Community outreach such as the Italian Festival, Bark in the Park and local events were also suggested. If you have any other ideas for fundraising or public relations, please contact Marilou –, or Susan –

Super Cat Adoption Day – June 20 – Lisa
Preliminaries were approved and plans are in place for the event on June 20, from 10-3. There will be 16 Cat Rescue Groups and a minimum of 150 cats at this event. Lisa will provide more details and a list of volunteer tasks at our next general meeting. Volunteers are needed for several tasks. In addition to experienced volunteers to work with the cats, we will need volunteers at the registration desk for the day. For more information, please contact Lisa –


NBHA Review – We briefly discussed the NBHA mission and organization for the benefit of new members and visitors. For anyone who is interested, we will have an orientation preceding the General Meeting each month at 7 pm in the same room as our meeting. If you have any questions please call NBHA at 732-202-5276.

4th of July Parade – Sharon Sharon will distribute a list and more details at our next meeting. NBHA Merchandise – Need to order Hats and T-Shirts. Will reach out to Sandy to order.

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS NBHA Dog Walk – Michele Our Annual Dog walk will be held on October 4, 2015 from11-3. More details to be discussed at future meetings.

NBHA Phone – Dan Script will be set for incoming phone calls to insure caller information and direction.

Future Discussions – Group NBHA would like to discuss more regarding laws, legislation, shelters and resources, in order to better serve the animals in the community. Anyone with contacts and ideas, please call 732-202-5276.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Volunteers – Diana We briefly discussed the role of volunteers, especially interest of young volunteers, along with the possibility of beginning a youth group and involvement in the area middle and high schools as well as revisiting the elementary educational program. Several people have expressed interest. While volunteering at our events has limited opportunities, there is a potential for fund raising and public relations at the schools. If you have an interest, or would like to mentor or help coordinate this program, please contact Diana –

Food Bank/Donations We are always in need of pet food for our food bank, as well as placing of Donation Cans. If you know a business or location which would allow us to place a can, please let us know. 732-202-5276.

ADJOURNMENT There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM. Our next General Meeting will be held on June 8, 2015 at 7:30PM at the Municipal Building, Hermann Road, North Brunswick.

Respectfully Submitted, Diana Sichta – Secretary NBHA