The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

April 2015 Meeting Minutes

NBHA General Meeting, April 13, 2015
Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. No. Brunswick -7:30PM

CALL TO ORDER: Vincent Sheehan 7:30 PM

Diana Sichta, Vincent Sheehan, Dan Smith, Leslie Earle, Sandra Erickson,  Mari Krum, Annemarie Walters, Michele Andrea, Susan Keller, Donna Friedrich, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Linda Sheehan, Lisa Coletta, Judy Kosier, Connie Hambel, Nancy Scalzone, Chrissy Barre, Jocelyn Caffrey, Nancy Costello, Carol Paszamant. Welcome, new members!

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from March were not available at meeting


Treasurer’s Report-Dan
Read and approved. Complete report available on request

CCP, TNR: Donna
Read and approved. Complete report available on request.

Our meeting with the mayor received positive feedback from the mayor and the community. Although the pilot project is successful, we are in desperate need of help fostering and trapping cats. We will reach out to Volunteer Match. Stay tuned.

Membership – Cheryl
39 New Members and our mailing list is currently over 400. Complete report is available on request.

Food Bank/Donation Cans –Sandy/Michele
Magyar Bank-YTD 200 Cans, 158lb. dry food, donated.
Our food bank is still extremely low and we are in need of CAT FOOD donations. Drop off stations are Magyar Bank, ShopRite and Stop & Shop in Somerset.

Public Relations- Marilou
Marilou will set up PR for SCAD. She is working with the Sentinel to get NBHA in a news article. She will also reach out to Debbie Mazzela at WMGQ.


Discount Cards-Susan
Since there is a limited time left on the cards, Susan suggested that we hand them out at our events. March Madness- Cheryl Sold 118. Hoops $826. Total $1216. Carolyn (member) is donating her winning back to NBHA. Thanks, Carolyn! Flea Market – Cheryl/Dan Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s will donate $25 gift cards to the event. Michele will coordinate volunteer duties with the Youth Group. We currently have 36 Volunteers from the group. The budget was proposed and approved. Flyers were distributed. In addition to the Youth Group, 25 have committed to help with the event. We still need vendors. Nancy and Diana will reach out to past/potential vendors.

SCAD – Lisa
$2000 Budget was approved. Volunteers are needed for the event. Need permission for allowing large signs in areas outside of North Brunswick. (20 Signs)


Proposal: $650 for NBHA towels. Voted and approved.
Proposal: $600 for Flea Market Budget – Voted and approved.
Proposal: $10,000 Spay/Neuter Grant – Voted and approved.
Proposal: $2000 per year for Promotional Basic Budget (Needs to be reported, accountable and Board Approval for spending).


4th of July Parade.

Bear Hunt
(December 7-13) TBD


April 16 – Bertucci’s, Dine to Donate. 15% of total will be donated to NBHA. In addition, Bertucci’s has accepted a donation can at their location. Thanks, Barb!
April 25 – Rutgers Day. Nancy and Susan will represent NBHA at the event. April 26 – Katie’s Pet Depot will hold a Pet Food Seminar. Cost is $20 and all proceeds will be donated to NBHA.
May 3rd– 2nd Chance for Animals,at Colonial Park. NBHA will have a table at the event. Nancy Costello offered to volunteer.
May 16th and 17th – 11-3 A&P in North Brunswick is holding a Pet Event/Cat Food Drive. Acme on Ryder’s Lane in Milltown will also host a Pet Food Drive on the same day. Please contact: Michele Andrea for more information.

NBHA has a new telephone! 732-202-5276. Details soon!


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM. Our next general meeting will be held on May 11, 2015 at 7:30 at the Municipal Building, Hermann Road, North Brunswick.

Respectfully Submitted, Diana Sichta – Secretary NBHA