The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

January 2015 Monthly Minutes


NBHA General Meeting, January 13, 2014

Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick, 7:30PM

CALL TO ORDER: – Vincent Sheehan

7:30 PM.

ATTENDEES:  Donna Hildreth, Dan Smith, Cheryl Vitow, Leslie Earle, Jay Soloway, Susan Keller, Sherry Dickson, Emily Trager, Lisa Coletta, Marilou Carty, Barbara Hillenmayer, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Erica Bundy, Nancy Costello, Carol Paszamante, Jocelyn Caffrey, Diana Sichta, Vince Sheehan

 TREASURER’S REPORT/MINUTES:  Read and approved. Full reports available on request.


Donation Cans –Sandy explained program for the benefit of new members. Marilou and Cheryl both took cans. Cheryl will place donation can in the bowling alley.

CCAT, Emergency Needs Budget, TNR Training, Emergency Fostering – Donna

Proposal for $15,000 for the program was approved by the group. There is a need for more volunteers for the program to continue. We also need more education and a cooperative shelter to work with. Full Report available on request.

Membership Report – Cheryl

Increasing membership is a priority. Especially important are members who want to be involved. New memberships/levels and benefits are available now. NBHA members- Please renew your membership!

Storage – Vince/Sandy

Discussed contents of kits for tabling events, and suggested a possible tri-fold with a tear off for membership and informational purposes. Marilou will discuss with tri-fold graphics and concept with Sherry

December Events -Brunswick Square, Mr. Subs, Road Runner, Discount Cards, L2Brew-Group

Brunswick Square Sandy   Tabling Event = $170!

Mr Subs – Jay

Fundraiser for December = $60. Will continue program for every 3rd Monday of the month. Need regular Eblast. Jay will notify Cheryl.

Road Runner – Donna

$3 (and public awareness).

Discount Cards – Susan

Discount Cards are now available for $5. 208 sold for a total revenue of $1,379.00!

L2Brew – Sandy   $500!

Helmetta Shelter – Group

Uncertain future for the shelter. There will be a Town meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 7PM at the Helmetta Municipal Bldg. Stay tuned.

Raffle Tickets, Superbowl, March Madness – Cheryl

Tickets are available. Superbowl-$5 and March Madness-$10. March Madness will also be available at the Stress Factory and other events.

Food Bank, Magyar Bank – 200lb and 80 cat food cans collected.

Election Results –

New Board Members appointed and approved.


Spay-ghetti Dinner – Dan

Leone’s has offered a package for a dinner. Will open restaurant to group on a Monday. Details TBD.

Dine to Donate Program, New Year – Barbara/Group

Dine to Donate was very successful. Will continue with program this year and discuss locations and dates. The Pub would like to participate on a regular basis. (ie: every other month)

NBHA Flea Market – Grou

Cheryl will work with Dan organizing Flea Market. No definite date set. TBD.

Position on Mall Events/Adoptable Animals –Vince

As previously discussed and approved, adoptable animals are NOT required to be at the events. We will work with rescues and a storyboard or pictures of adoptable animals are acceptable.

Education, Policies & Procedures, Organizational Meeting – Vince

Meeting is scheduled for February 1. Suggestions for the good of the organization are welcome.

Exit Ramp/Handouts – Diana

Looking ahead: An Annual Report is being reviewed and prepared. Need for grant-writers. Leslie will check for grant writing and also with technical help.

Discussed the possibility of personalized NBHA seed packages for monarch butterfly awareness which we can use for donations, +$1/packet.

There will be an emphasis on PR this year, with increased needs to check promotions & marketing to make sure that things are publicized. A meeting with the township was discussed for help, and awareness of our group, and to drive membership and possible revenue. Several possible local venues for volunteers were discussed, such as Volunteer Match, the Scouts, and local students. Will discuss ideas and needs list to recruit those volunteers and members.

We will need better media coverage, and wide distribution of our Mission Statement. Sandy has agreed to construct a new Historian Book. Tote Bags remain on sale for $3 or 2 for $5, and we have several items for new members. We will also work on a calendar of events for the year, discuss several new ideas for fundraising, including an Open House, student fundraising, and marketing for public awareness. Education will be our focus



February is Black History Month. It is also Spay/Neuter Month, Pet Dental Health Month, and National, National Awareness Month!   Our Meeting will be on February 9 at 7:30PM at the North Brunswick Municipal Building. Hope to see you there!