The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

August 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

NBHA General Meeting

Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick

August 13, 2014




Michele Andrea, Judy Kosior, Connie Hambel, Jay Soloway, Nancy Costello, Linda Sheehan, Vince Sheehan, Nancy Scalzone, Dan Smith, Jocelyn Caffrey, Sandra Erickson, Diana Sichta


Read and approved. Available on request.


Read and approved. Available on request.


No Education Corner this month.


Donation Cans and Food – Sandra

Sandra reported that 30 cats and 7 dogs were fed through the program. She asked for anyone who can place a can in an area business, to please contact her.

CCAT – Donna

Donna was not in attendance. Lisa Russo has complete July & August Report.   Michele reported one cat trapped and one cat euthanized. Housing for cats in the cold weather will be discussed. Renaissance donated $500. Feral Cat training might be rescheduled for a later date.

Membership Report – Cheryl

Cheryl was not in attendance. Ideas for procuring new members will be discussed.

Annual Dinner – Team

The Annual Dinner will need to be rescheduled for a later date. Details TBA

Mr Subs – Donna/Jay

Donna was not in attendance. Mr Subs next Dine to Donate will be on August 20 and every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Discount Cards – Susan

Susan was not in attendance. Michele reported that an additional 10 cards were sold, bringing the total to 148, for a profit of $854.81. The cards will be available at our meetings, Heritage Day and the Dog Walk. Members are encouraged to buy the cards for themselves and friends.

Road Runner – Jay

Jay reported that 2 cats were adopted at the event, and that the event was well-received.

County Fair – Jay

The Middlesex County Fair offers space to the NBHA. This year, it was too late for us to coordinate volunteers although we did have a donation jar at the event. This is a huge area event and we will re-examine tabling for next year. The Fair requires attendance throughout the event.


Dog Walk – Michele/Dan

At present, 10 Sponsors have committed to the Dog Walk. Included in attendees are:

4 Animal Hospitals, Katies, Best Friends, Sams, and All-American Pet Resort.

21 Vendors and 5 Animal Rescue groups.

The focus is on registration and much needed publicity. Trifolds are available. Sign up sheets are available and volunteers are needed! Signs are in. WANTED: Hostess: Outgoing person needed for greeting! Jay will work on PR.


Woodbridge Dog Walk – Jay

Dog Walk on August 23 has been cancelled.

Heritage Day – Jay

Heritage Day will be held on September 20 at the Community Park. Tabling help needed.

Bowling – Jay/Cheryl

Bowling will be held on September 27. Details to follow

Toyota – Jay

Toyota event will be held on October 18. It will include a cat adoption like Road Runner. Details TBA

Dine To Donate – Diana

A dine to donate event is planned for the 3rd Tuesday in October at Bertucci’s. The manager has agreed to leave flyers in the restaurant.

Committees and Reports – Vince

Each committee and/or group leader will be responsible for regular reports and updates of their events and projects, following the same procedures and examples as the CCAT, Financial, Treasurer, and Dog Walk reports.

Comedy Club, Rummage Sale – Group

These are large events and much help is needed. Partnering with another group was discussed as well as making plans and details early.   Volunteers and thorough planning is essential for these events to continue.

Public Relations, Fundraising, Membership, Food Drives, etc. – Group

NBHA needs members. Public relations and networking is extremely important. Some ideas discussed were: Writing Blogs and/or Editorials. Sandra suggested an ice cream social and will follow up with details. Every NBHA event should promote membership. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media will also help to advertise NBHA.

Planning Projects for 2015 – Group

Projects need follow-up and early planning as well as coordinated efforts with volunteers to ensure successful events.


Diana checked the prices on a prize wheel from Friendly Rental. A 42” wheel is on display and the cost is $50. Bingo/Casino/Raffle drums are available.

Jay indicated that he might be able to obtain a less-expensive one and that he would follow-up with phone calls.

In addition to partnering with area groups, including youth groups, girl scouts, and others, the possibility of a Youth Humane Group was discussed. We will need a coordinator for the project, and plans will be determined at a later date.


REMINDER: Our next meeting will be held on September 8, at the Municipal Center North Brunswick. Hope to see you there.

Please leave the room the way we found it. Thanks!

Important: At NO time should any member speak on behalf of the NBHA in any formal or informal capacity, without the prior knowledge and approval of the NBHA Board. This includes any town council meetings, public forums, media representatives, clubs, organizations, etc.