The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

May 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

NBHA General Meeting

Municipal Building, Hermann Rd. North Brunswick

May 12, 2014  7:30 PM

  • Meeting Called to Order: 7:40 PM – Vince Sheehan


Jane Prestup, Dave Prestup, Vicky Douglas, Donna Hildreth, Connie Hambe, Judy Kosior, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Jay Soloway, Cheryl Stashkevetch, Emily Trager, Michele Andrea, Susan Keller, Annemarie Walters, Linda Sheehan, Vince Sheehan, Dan Smith, Nydia Olson, Cheryl Vitow, Hilary Legacy, Carol Paszamant, Krystal Hasard, Diana Sichta

  • Minutes – Previous Minutes Not Available
  • ·  Treasurer’s Report – Dan

For the Period Ending April 30, 2014:  Total Income-$3,542.84, Total Expenses – $4,530.05, Income/Deficit- ($987.21)

Balance in Account – $41,987.29

  • Educational Presentation – Topic: Kittens – Vince

Vince spoke with the group about the special needs of new kittens, and caregiving.  There are specific things that newborn kittens need, in order to thrive.  In addition to supplies that are needed, he stressed the importance of socialization and time involved when caring for kittens. He discussed some basic ailments and common problems that could arise with these youngsters.  The members were also provided with some literature from Alley Cat Allies, and directed to their website for more information.

Monthly Update – Dog/Cat Food Bank & Donation Cans – Sandy

Not Available

Special Updates

TNR Report – Donna

Donna reported that 55 cats were TNRd from January-April 30, bringing the total to 92 cats TNRd to date. She expects that total to exceed 100 by the end of May!

At the ACME, Milltown Cat Food Drive on April 26, 397 cans of wet food, and over 280 lbs. of dry food were collected and distributed to our Pet Food Bank, Scarlet Paws, and other community cat caretakers. The cash donations at the event totaled $351.90

At Katie’s Pet Depot, 156 cans of wet food, 280lbs of dry food, and 3 containers of kitty litter were donated.  Cash donations were $86.43, which was used to buy food and KMR for distribution.  Thank you, Vince!

(Complete Report Available-Donna)

A&M Vacuum – Jay

The event was very successful. The owners generously provided refreshments and space for us to showcase the cats and table NBHA literature and information.  Two cats were adopted, 10 of our discount cards were sold, and we also have four new members as a result of the event!  The owner Michele, expressed an interest in holding another adoption in the future.  Many thanks to the owners, and Scarlet Paws.

Mr. Subs – Donna

Mr Subs will be offering a Dine to Donate. They will donate 15% of their sales to NBHA to diners who visit from 4-8 PM on June 16, and bring our flyer.  Visit their web site and mark your calendars!

Rummage Sale & Flea Market

Flea Market – Nancy was not available for update.  However, over 30 of 50 spaces have been sold.

Rummage Sale – The pre-event will begin at 2 PM on Friday at Sharon’s house.  She needs volunteers for Friday AND Saturday.  Although we will be renting another truck, we need trucks and vehicles for transporting the merchandise.  The event has been published in the Sentinel.  Sharon has also asked members to post the event on Craigslist.  This event will be held Rain or Shine! Please wear your NBHA T-Shirt.

The SQUARE will be available to accept credit cards at the event!

Fundraising Discount Cards – Susan 

A total of 99 Cards have been sold, totaling $990.  Cost of the cards is $513.  Profit total = $477!  The cards will be available at the rummage sale.  Great idea, Susan!

(Complete Report Available – Susan)

Renaissance – Michele

All cats have been S/N’d.  There were no pregnant females, and all costs were reimbursed.

EBlasts, Membership – Cheryl