The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

April 2014 monthly Meeting Minutes

NBHA April Meeting


Municipal Building, Hermann Rd., North Brunswick, NJ

April 7, 2014 7:30 PM

 Meeting Called to Order:  7:40PM Vincent Sheehan


22 People in Attendance: Judy Kosier, Connie Hambel, Anthony Turchiuc, Vincent Sheehan, Michele Andre, Linda Sheehan, Lisa Coletta, Dan Smith, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Nancy Costello, Jocelyn Caffrey, Jay Soloway,  Susan Keller, Nancy Scalzone, Erica Bundy, Donna Hildreth, Cheryl Vitow, Hilary Liegacy, Jane Prestup, Dave Prestup, Carol Paszamant, Diana Sichta


MINUTES: Minutes from the previous meeting were unavailable.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Dan Smith submitted the Treasurer’s Report for the period ended March 31, 2014            

Total Income for March:  $1,851.05.  Total Expenses: $3,156.20.  Net Loss $1,305.15. 


Dog/Cat Food Bank- Sandi Erickson – No update available.

Donation Cans –Sandi Erickson – No update available

Membership and Activities Report: – Cheryl

Cheryl reported on the review and correction of the Master List.  Over 40% of the names on the list have minimal information.  Diana will continue to call and review the old paperwork in an attempt to complete the missing information.  We will continue to work with Telosa to rectify bounced emails, delete unsubscribed members, and any list members that bounced with no other way to reach them. We will keep the names in a separate file for one year.  Cheryl also requested a password from Sandi for the email.  Hilary offered to make a calendar for NBHA, to inform members about meetings and events, and to encourage new membership. Cheryl suggested membership packets for new members and donors. She and Hilary have drafted a membership information flyer, with membership levels which offer varying benefits according to donation amounts.  Some ideas are Tote Bags (Doggie Bags), magnets, clips and a possible “surprise” package for regular donors. Cheryl also requested entries for the cookbook.  We need stamps, paper, and envelopes for new membership campaign. Cheryl will get a date stamp for cards. We will discuss and set a budget.

TNR Update: – Donna

23 Cats were trapped in March.  Five cats were trapped from April 1 through April 7.  More cats will be fixed in the month of April.  The total number of cats fixed through the Community Cat Program, from the start of the project in September 2013 through April 7, 2014 is 76.   We are still waiting for resolution from the Township as to the pilot project.  Petey, (the cat) is doing great!   Hopefully, he will be adopted soon.   


Stress Factory/Comedy Night:  – Amanda

There were a total of 106 people that attended the event.  Other details were not available. The event was successful and very entertaining.  Thank you, Amanda!

Super Cat Adoption – Lisa

Lisa will work to coordinate volunteers for the event, and would like a sign-up for volunteers for meet and greet, monitoring activities, paperwork, etc.  We need cat-savvy people for the project.  We will have access to Our Lady of Peace Church the night before the event.  At our next meeting, Lisa will need help with a start-up kit. Lisa will reach out to Laura and Amanda to help with PR.  Signs can go up in early to mid-May.  We do need a (no charge) permit.

Discount Cards – Susan

Cards have been printed and should arrive by Tuesday.  The promotion will run from May 1, 2014-May 31, 2015.  Susan has a list of 15 merchants for the cards.  The cards will sell for $10.  The discount cards will be available at North Brunswick Municipal Complex, The Rummage Sale, and on the NBHA website.  Cards will also be available at Rutgers AG Field Day on April 26. Members are encouraged to buy and promote them.  Hilary will help with the graphics.  We can print and distribute the flyers locally, in email, and at other tabling events.


Rummage Sale – Sharon

We have a lot of donations for the rummage sale.  We currently have 5 units from Jane/Access Storage.  Sharon passed around a sign-up sheet for signs and volunteers for the event.  The sign-up begins at 5AM for set up.

Nancy reported that there are 6 tables filled for the Flea Market portion.  Dan and Cheryl will distribute flyers.  Vendor forms are on web site. There are 53 vendor spaces available. Sharon said that we can fill some of the vendor spaces with the rummage sale items.  No details on rescue groups or other vendor activity. We did not call vendors from last year or post on Craig’s List.

A&M,  North Brunswick Library, Cops & Rodders, Dine To Donate-Jay

A&M – in Milltown May 3, will host a cat adoption with TNR table. They can accommodate  6 cats and have an available meet and greet room. Flyers are available.

North Brunswick Library- Will host a cat adoption, which Donna and Jay will coordinate.  Date TBA.

Bowling – Jay would like to try to organize a Bowling event.  The cost is minimal and it can provide funds.

Cops & Rodders – Jay will update.

Dine to Donate – Bennigans and Fridays offer this program.  We have several other events currently planned, but would like to participate in the future.  Dates TBA.


Education, Schools and Public: -Annemarie, Nancy, Diana

Annemarie has acquired the Historian Book which Claire kept for years.  It’s a wonderful tool for public education and promotion.  We will continue our 3rd grade program and Annemarie has asked for volunteers for the program.  We will also explore new ideas for education including workshops, speakers, visuals, media, and expanding our humane education program to the public, including older children.  Donna offered to do a Community Cat speech.  Vince will discuss finding kittens.  Vince suggested that part of our meeting could be dedicated to humane education. 

Community Calls – Diana suggested an “answer network” for community calls.  Vince and other members get many calls asking common and not-so-common questions about animals.  We discussed a volunteer list of members who would like to answer questions or have an expert to whom we could refer these calls.  They could call a certain number and NBHA could have an on-call phone list.  Members numbers could remain private. Or, we can return their calls/emails.  Details can be discussed.

Review of By-Laws and Volunteer Guidelines – Vince/Jay

Vince will set up a committee to review outdated by-laws and guidelines.  To be discussed and approved.


SCFA – Paws for a Cause invited us to bring an NBHA table to their event on May 4 from 11-2 at Colonial Park on Metlar’s Rd in Somerset, NJ.  732-748-SCFA. Website:

Toyota Adoption Event – Donna.  TBA after SCAD.

Milltown 4th Of July Parade – NBHA representation. Flyers, posters for event.  Discussion and updates to follow.

Donate Button on Facebook – Dan.  Goal to put link on web site and FB.

Scala Bakery – Susan

Scala Bakery on Rt. 130 N. (at Adams Lane) has generously offered to donate 10% of the proceeds of their new Organic Dog Treats to the NBHA!

Please stop by, and share the news!

Grooming Tails-  May 3, Grooming Tails, on Hermann Road in North Brunswick is offering a coupon for nail clipping, as well as ½ priced grooming with adoption. 

Katie’s Pet Depot – Food Drive May 10.

Member Contact Information – Diana

Please make sure that your contact information is up to date!

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45PM.

Next Meeting will be on Monday, May 12 at the Municipal Building on Hermann Road.