The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

February 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

February Membership Meeting

7:30pm-Monday – 2/10/14

North Brunswick Township Complex

710 Hermann Road

Conference Room #1-First Floor 


The Meeting was Called to Order by Vince Sheehan at 7:40pm

Attendance: Not Available

Opening & Introductions took place by the Membership

The January Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

Treasurer’s Report – Vincent Sheehan reported on behalf of Treasurer, Dan Smith the following- Year-End January 31, 2014:

Contributions Received this year: $24,032

Membership Dues:  $470

Interest: $43.36

Direct program expense: $14, 090

Printing: $4,297.46

Supplies: $2,854.30

Insurance: $13,018

Year Surplus $1,039 (versus Deficit of $4,286 from last year)

Current Cash Balance: $45,095.


  • Dog/Cat Food Bank – Sandra Erickson was out sick, we wish her a speedy recovery. No update provided.
  • Donation Cans – Sandra Erickson was out sick, we wish her a speedy recovery. No update provided.

Discussion Points:

  • Appointment of Organization Historian – Vincent Sheehan announced Annemarie Walters, the founder of NBHA, has been named as Historian, however, she was not in attendance, so formal induction is postponed to the next meeting.
        • Flea Market /Rummage Sale Event- Sharon Weinstein Canavan– Chairperson of Flea Market /Rummage Sale updated the members: Rummage Sale is one of the larger fund raisers for the NBHA so it is important for us to get the word out and begin advertising the event and our ability to collect items.Members are encouraged to bring donations for the rummage sale on the date – May 17, 201
        • Flyers are available to advertise collection to be stored in storage unit (1st unit is provided for free) – Last year this was the 2nd largest fund raiser.
      • Since we do have the storage unit becoming available, then it is possible to collect large items but no TVs; a patio set has already been collected
      • A Sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers – minimal meetings were promised
      • A Motion for budget of $600 ($100 higher than last year to allow for expense if another unit is needed) – this free unit will become a permanent unit for the use of NBHA for 1 year. A Motion was seconded and approved by the voting membership in attendance.
      • Sharon will be chair of Flea Market however, no one has agreed to be chair of theVendors so proposal is to provide space to groups that provide donation (such as storage unit) and make space available for rescue groups.
      • In addition to Animal Rescues, we will invite Vet and Trainer to also have a table.
      • Sharon will email flyer to Donna so that info can be posted on FaceBook.
      • Comedy Night / Stress Factory – Update from Jay Soloway – Last year the Comedy Night was the 3rd largest event for fund raising. NBHA is looking for a Chairperson for this event. Second Chance is also interested in this fundraiser, but they are in the same position that NBHA is currently  looking for a chairperson.  The job involves selling ad space in the journal and selling tickets to the event. Potential partners if Second Chance does not come through, are Middlesex County SPCA is a potential. Target is to do this the first week in April – dates are open at Stress Factory. Susan Keller has organized all of the contacts at the businesses that participated in the night’s program and a copy of the program, so all ready to hand over to someone who wants to step-up as the chair.
      • Super Cat Adoption Day Event -Lisa Coletta provided an update on this event.  Save the Date was sent to all groups that participated last year – date is June 14, 2014.  In process of getting all documentation updated.  We are trying to get MGQ (Magic 98.3 and the associated radio) to broadcast from the parking lot at the event.  A suggestion was made to also contact 101.5 with the big yellow van.  Desire is to have a live broadcast with interviews done throughout the day to try to attract listeners to come out and attend. Lisa will reach out to form a committee for the day.  Michele has lined up the teenage volunteers – East Brunswick Youth Group, though they will not handle the cats.  Experienced cat handlers are needed – Cat coordinators are needed to liaise with the rescue groups and help organize the paper work for the group as well as handle the cats in an emergency.  Event is scheduled for 9AM to 3PM – Hours for the cat coordinators will be likely be earlier and later to allow for set-up and clean-up time. Jay will confirm with Fr. John at Our Lady of Peace that the rooms will be available on Friday, June 13th for advance set-up.  Jay will also contact Dr. Laphoon from Raritan Animal Hospital.Lisa presented a motion to approve $2,000 budget: this was approved by the voting membership.
      • Fund Raising Cards – Susan Keller proposed the following:
    • Initial purchase of 500 – front and back of card in color. $460 to purchase the 500 / 89cents per card to be sold at $10.00
    • Seeking committee members to help contact the businesses suggest 12 – 15 who participate in the card but would like to target 40 committee members.
    • Front & Back on card is printed / variable image and numbers to track who is issued the card.  Proposal for membership package to potentially include a fund raising card; maybe another level will be
    • Dan and Lisa will forward the logo to Susan.
    • Motion to set a budget at $500 for the program – $446.46 to include set-up fee. Target is to sell the cards April 2014 to April 2015.  Budget was approved by the membership at the meetingCat Adoption Tabling Event – Jay Soloway updated the members-
    • Volunteer guidelines are outlined for the events.  With the change in focus to have cats at the events and drive to find forever homes for the cats there is a change to the volunteer protocols.  A form will be signed by each participant in the event, a copy of the signed document will be filed with the secretary.  Cats will be transported in their crate and kept in their crate during the event.  No same day adoptions are allowed; adoptions will be done through the sponsoring agency, not through the NBHA volunteers.  The tabling event portion will still include providing information out to the public through literature, etc.Cats from Scarlet Paws are going to Menlo Park; cats from Katie’s Pet Depot will be at New Brunswick Square at the next event on Sunday, February 16th.

      Michele at A&M Vacuum in Milltown is opening her store for a cat adoption day on May 3RD.  It is expected that this day will be run like a tabling event at the malls and run under the same guidelines – Lisa expressed some concern that people coming to this event may anticipate a meet and greet, so it will be important to be specific in the way in which the event is advertised.  Jay will discuss further and determine the logistics to see if there is a mid-way solution.

  • Community Cat Program – Donna Hildreth updated the members
  • Started in Sept 2013 – helped about 50 cats through year-end
  • Budget for 2013 was $5,000 and $3,338 balance – target is to help 106 cats @ $80/cat

     $11,000 is proposed budget for 2014 (this is arrived at by $7,500 addition to the remaining  balance of 3,338)

  • 8,500 for medical expenses
  • 1,200 for printed materials
  • More equipment – 2 more tomahawk traps including a remote control for one of the traps for targeted trapping ($175)
  • 500 for supplies for winter shelters
  • Expect other income coming is through fund raising – budget $300 – $350
  • Donations were received from the some of the target areas.
  • Vince suggested that guidelines for medical spending to be presented by the committee.  Also a plan for kittens is needed to be presented by the committee.
  • Lisa updated that the” spina bifida kitty” was adopted by family in Massachusetts with a young girl with spina bifida – she has her own facebook page.
  • Pilot program for Renaissance Village has been approved, with goal to reduce the cat population.  A one year timeframe is the measurement.  Removing kittens will be a goal, however, kittens over than 8 weeks need the ability to be socialized so a network of fosters are needed.  Trial period is March 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015.
  • Resources for spay and neuter are available so the last resort approach may be to wait for the kittens to be old enough to be spayed/neutered and then returned.
  • Barn cat program is also a proposal to take cats in pairs – Lambertville Animal Welfare program has been successful at this for relocations – but this is not to be done in conjunction with the Renaissance program.
  • Meeting on Saturday at Michele’s who are in Renaissance Village to prep for meeting with the Homeowner’s association – meeting is 2/22 followed by TNR training – all members are invited – 12 Noon at Our Lady of Peace parish center –
  • Donna will provide the agreement that is proposed by the township for the pilot program.
  • Motion was made for the 2014 budget of $11,000 – voting members approved the budget for 2014. Part of the program is to provide support to colony care-takers.  Donna has proposed to have a concentrated cat food collection April 26th at ACME in Milltown – volunteers for 9AM to 5 PM
  • 125 pounds of cat-food at available at Katie’s Pet Depot (purchased for ShopRite collection day that did not take place).
  • Calendar events: March 14th and 15th Animal Welfare Federation presentations – Spartenburg Animal Services will be in attendance
  • Restaurant Fundraising – Jay updated the group that most any of the chain restaurants will do fundraising for non-profits – chairperson(s) for these events are needed. Ideas for building the membership base to drive these fundraising opportunities are needed – the notion of a Fundraising coordinator was also raised.

Good & Welfare – family with child with autism needed some direction on how to locate an animal for a child with autism.

    • Owners of “Little-Cat” sent a thank-you for the use of the trap to rescue their cat – Jay extended thanks for Donna for her advice and faith that the cat would be found!
    • For next meeting a plan for scholarship is needed – a committee to evaluate candidates.

Walk-on items

  • Girl Scout troop at Judd school is doing  a program on animal cruelty – Vince to provide presentation on March 11 or 13th.
  • 2 new adult cats have arrived at Katie’s Pet Depot – please spread the word so that homes can be found for the adults who become harder to adopt once the kittens arrive in early Spring. “Pixe”l gray domestic shorthair – who is 3 years old – spay is scheduled on 2/12 – she was in a home, however, did not receive vet care. “Sugar” is 6 – 8 month old black domestic shorthair – female is spayed –  found at worksite, but finder has asthma that grew progressively worse after bringing cat home $40 donation was made by the individual who surrendered the cat to NBHA.

A gracious Thank You to Linda Sheehan for filling in as Secretary and taking the Minute

The Meeting Adjourned at 9:22pm

Next Meeting Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7:30pm- 1st Floor Conference Room