The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

January 2013 Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

January Membership Meeting

7:30pm-Monday – 01/13/14

North Brunswick Township Complex

710 Hermann Road

Conference Room #1-First Floor

The Meeting was Called to Order by Jay Soloway at 7:35pm

Attendance: Michele Andrea, Erica Bundy, Jocelyn Caffrey, Carole Christopher, Lisa Coletta, Nancy Costello, Connie Hambel, Susan Keller, Judy Kosior, Karin Miller, Carole Paszamant, David Prestup, Jane Prestup, Gina Rojek, Helene Roth, Nancy Scalzone,  Linda Sheehan, Vince Sheehan, Diana Sichta, Dan Smith, Jay Soloway, Ann Marie Walters and Sharon Weinstein Canavan.

Opening & Introductions took place by the Membership

The December Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

Treasurer’s Report Vincent Sheehan reported an ending balance on 12/31/13,. This consisted of October – December Income of $9,254.32 and Expenses of $9,647.76 with a Net Loss of $$393.64.


  • Dog/Cat Food Bank – Sandra Erickson reported we fed 10 Dogs and 31 Cats in the past month. In addition, 30lbs of Cat Food was donated to Scarlet Paws.
  • Donation Cans – Sandra Erickson reported 2014 YTD donation income of $28.90 from the donation cans.

Discussion Points:

  • Voting on 2014 Slate of Officers and Directors at Large – No additional names were placed in nomination. Since all nominations were uncontested, Michele Andrea speaking on behalf of the Nomination Committee of Donna Hildreth, Nancy Costello & herself, announced the 2014 Board of Officers and Directors at Large as follows:
    • President –Vincent Sheehan
    • Vice President – Nancy Costello
    • Treasurer- Dan Smith
    • Secretary – Diana Sichta
    • Public Relations- Jay Soloway
    • Directors at Large- Sandra Erickson & Donna Hildreth
      • Fundraising Events:
        • Houlihan’s Fundraiser –Diana Sichta reported income from this event of $77.04
        • Five Below Fundraiser – Sharon Weinstein-Canavan reported results are not in yet
        • Fundraiser Coordinator– Flea Market and Comedy Night -Vincent Sheehan spoke about the need for not only several Chairpersons for these two events but also the need for a Fund Raiser in general for 2014. We will be exploring Volunteer Match as one option in finding the several a Fundraiser. We are looking to the membership or anyone interested in Chairing the Flea Market/ Rummage Sale or the Comedy Night events to step up and help. Interested parties please contact NBHA at
          • First Annual Recognition Dinner – Donna Hildreth spoke about putting together a Calendar of Events for the year, which she will be able to share with the members over the next several months. One of the events she is looking into is planning an Annual Recognition Dinner to thank and recognize everyone who contributed to NBHA’s success this year. She is exploring several options of which one is to have the dinner at Our Lady of Peace Recreation Center. If anyone wants to help, please contact Donna.
          • Tabling Events with Cat Adoptions Focus – Jay Soloway spoke about our focus for 2014 with all events will be on Cat Adoptions. He is in the process of setting up procedural guideline for these events. Once thing to note is, we will not have dogs and cats together at these events, which include our own pets
          • Tabling Event at Brunswick Square Mall- JaySoloway thanked Karin Miller and Joyce Frey for stepping up and working this event for the association. The team received $137.51 in donations. There were some interest about the cat adoptions and only time will tell if this materializesThe Next Mall events are tentatively scheduled for February 16th at both the Brunswick Square Mall & Menlo Mall. We will look to both Katie’s Pet Depot and Scarlet Paws for cats for adoption that day.

      NBHA T-Shirt Reorder – Sandra Erickson reported since our inventory is very low, we need to re-order NBHA T-Shirts She made a motion to order 100 T-Shirts at a close of $700. The motion was passed.

      Cat Food Drive & Distribution Project- January 25th from 9am-5pm at the Renaissance Shop Rite in North Brunswick– Help Us Feed Hungry Cats– Donna Hildreth

      • – Help Us Feed Hungry Cats– Donna Hildreth updated the members that we will be holding this Food Drive in order to replenish the Food Bank and Caregivers.
      • Finance CommitteeUpdates-Sharon Weinstein-Canavan reported the purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide oversight on the financials for the organization. The committee consists of the President, Treasurer and Two Members.  There is an opening on the committee and one more member is needed on the committee to serve. Please contact Sharon.
      • NBHA TNR Program Updates – Donna Hildreth asked everyone to SAVE THE DATE of Saturday, February 22nd   from 12:30pm -3:30pm in which People for Animals (PFA) will be conducting a TNR training session at Our Lady of Peace Recreation Center on Route 130 in North Brunswick. Additionally, the meeting with Mayor Womack, Robert Lombard and Mark Cafferty is set for Friday, January 17th to discuss the TNR Pilot. October 15, 2014 is national Feral Cat Day and NBHA is planning on doing something significant on that day. More to come…
      • Super Cat Adoption Day Event – was discussed and Lisa Coletta agreed to Chair this event once again. Thank you, Lisa. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 14th at Our Lady of Peach recreation Center. Lisa needs help with the event. Please contact her.
      • 2014 Membership Dues – Michele Andrea reminded everyone the 2014 Memberships dues may be paid after the meeting.

      New Business:

      • Fundraising Cards- Susan Keller spoke to the membership about this donation opportunity in which NBHA creates and sells plastic fundraising cards in which various businesses provide discounts for the use of the card. She will present the entire plan at the February Executive Board Meeting on February 2nd.

      Good & Welfare:

      • Jay Soloway announced Congratulations to NBHA and the North Brunswick Township for making the list of the GM News Sentinel’s Top Ten Stories of 2013 with the passage of the Anti Puppy/Kitten Store Ordinances.
      • The Little Cat is Home! – a local resident’s 8 month old cat got out and lost on New Year’s Day. NBHA was involved and lent traps, which worked in capturing the cat. The cat was home with its family last Sunday night. Photos on NBHA Face Book page. The cat’s name is Little Cat.
      • Jay Soloway said “Thank you to the Officers and the Board for your service in the past and Good Luck to the incoming Officers and Board”.

      The Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm

    • Next Meeting Monday, February 10, 2014 at 7:30pm- 1st Floor Conference Room