The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

December 2013 Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

December  Membership Meeting

7:30pm-Monday – 12/9/13

North Brunswick Township Complex

710 Hermann Road

 Council Room-First Floor

The Meeting Called to Order by Jay Soloway at 7:35pm

 Attendees: Michele Andrea, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Jay Soloway, Sandi Erickson, Diana Sichta, Cheryl Vitow, Donna Hildreth, Dan Smith, Linda Sheehan, Vincent Sheehan, Susan Keller, Jocelyn Caffrey, Judy Kosior, Connie Hambel, Carole Christopher, Nancy Costello, Carol Paszamant, Erica Bundy

Opening & Introductions were made by the Membership

The November Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

Treasurer’s Report – Vincent Sheehan reported YTD there is $20,395.25 in Income and $ 18,713.62 in Expenses with a Net Income of $ 1,681.63.


Dog/Cat Food Bank – Sandra Erickson reported we fed 18 Cats & 3 Dogs this past month. We donated a 30 lb bag of Cat food from the food bank to Scarlet Paws Animal Rescue

Donation Cans Update – Sandra Erickson reported YTD donation of $568.21. Sandra has empty donation cans for anyone looking to place them in local businesses. She can be reached at

Discussion Points:

  • Vote on NBHA By-Laws Change – Sharon Weinstein-Canavan made a motion to change By-Law 7.4 & 8.2 as it relates to the election process in order to align the timeframes and dates the need to take place. The motion was voted on and passed by the membership.
  • 2014 Slate of Officers and Directors at Large – Michele Andrea placed in into nomination the following Slate of Officers for 2014.
    • President- Vincent Sheehan
    • Vice President- Nancy Costello
    • Treasurer – Dan Smith
    • Secretary – Diana Sichta
    • Public Relations – Jay Soloway
    • Directors at Large- Donna Hildreth & Sandra Erickson

In line with the By Laws, the Nominating Committee made available the right for additional nominations to the Board positions. At the January meeting, additional names may be placed into nomination as well for the 2014 Slate of Officers. Voting will take place at the January meeting.

  • Thanksgiving Weekend Mall Events – Jay Soloway reported total donations received from both Malls of $410.00. Additional discussion took place as to what our focus will be for the mall events moving forward. We will focus on pet adoptions. On Saturday, December 14th- from 12pm-4pm, NBHA will be at the Menlo Park Mall and Brunswick Square Mall with a focus on Cat Adoptions from Katie’s Pet Depot.
  • Fundraising Events:
    • Houlihan’s Fundraiser –Diana Sichta reported that on Thursday, December 12th from 5:00pm- 9:00pm- NBHA will be holding a Fundraiser at Houlihan’s Restaurant on U.S. Hwy 1, North Brunswick.  When you present a flyer to the Server, NBHA gets a portion of the proceeds. Flyers may be found on the NBHA web site and Diana will have some for people that night.
    • Five Below Fundraiser –Sharon Weinstein-Canavan updated the membership. At this fundraiser, NBHA gets 10% of the dollars spent when a flyer is presented at the point of sale. This runs from December 8th – December 14th. Flyers can be found on the NBHA web site and at the NB Dog Park. Go Shopping.
    • Comedy Night Fundraiser – Jay Soloway – The Stress Factory- March 2014- NBHA is looking for someone to chair this    event. Any interested parties please email NBHA at
    • Flea Market/Rummage Sale Event– Jay Soloway- NBHA is looking for 2 Individuals to Chair this event. Any interested parties, please email NBHA at
    • Fundraising Opportunities On-Line – Sandra Erickson spoke about Fundraising opportunities for NBHA On-Line (i.e. Fundinco, we get 5% of the proceeds, Good Search, Good Shop). Sandy will compile the list and the proceeds %’s and we will send out a separate email blast.
    • Dog Walk-a-Thon & Dog Adoption Day Event– Michele Andrea spoke about NBHA’s focus on Dog Adoptions. In 2014, we will expand our Annual Dog Walk-a-Thon to include more Animal Rescues & Shelter with a focus on adoptions. Save the date, Sunday, October 5th from 11am-3pm at the North Brunswick Community Park.
    • America’s Charity Wine Fundraiser –  Jay Soloway will have more to come on this effort for Valentine’s Day.
    • Fundraiser Coordinator– Vincent Sheehan- NBHA is in need of a Fundraiser Coordinator. Anyone interested please contact NBHA on our web site. In the interim, Dan Smith and Donna Hildreth will place an advertisement on Volunteer Match and respond accordingly.
    • Dog & Cat License Renewals– Susan Keller made a suggestion for an additional donation channel. Can NBHA add a Check off Box to the Annual Dog & Cat License applications in which one could donation a specific amount to NBHA? Jay Soloway will follow up with the Township
    • NBHA TNR Program – Update- Donna Hildreth results from November 19th Monthly Meeting
    • Trapping – since September 2013 and so far NBHA has trapped 35 Cats
        • Name change- The TNR program will be change to the NBHA Community Cat Assistance Program (CCAP)
        • CCAP Working Committee will be established as a Hands-On group.
        • Red the Feral- a motion was made and passed for reimbursement of $200 for the medical expenses.
        • Cheryl & Donna will be working on the creation of a Operating Manual by 1st Quarter
        • Sandra and Donna will be working with the local Animal Hospitals for good pricing.
        • PFA Points Program- Sandra Erickson- more to come
      • Donation to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines – Vincent Sheehan recommended a Donation Matching Program for NBHA be setup in which the Association will match up to $250 for any single donation. A separate Email Blast will be sent, which will drive donators to the NBHA web site to pay by Pay Pal or mail a check to our P.O. Box.
      • Insurance Bill Renewal – The annual insurance premium renewal is due of $1318.00. A motion was made and approved by the Membership.
    • Good & Welfare:
    • Read a Letter on Cat Adoption Event – Michele Andrea read a letter from a satisfied participant in the Annual Cat Adoption Day Event complimenting us on the event and asking if it could be twice a year. A big thank you to Lisa Coletta for all your effort in chairing this event. As far as holding it twice a year, unfortunately that would not be possible. We plan our event right after the springtime when new babies are born and the Shelters are at capacity with additional cats.
    • Brenda Sauer sent a Holiday Card- Jay read her card to the Membership. Thank you Brenda and hope all is well with you. Happy Holidays.
    • Santa is visiting Katie’s Pet Depot –on Saturday, December 14th – Santa will be at the store at 416 Renaissance Blvd , North Brunswick to have pictures taken with your pet. Some of the proceeds from the picture sale go to NBHA. Thank you Katie’s Pet Depot.
    • The Meeting Adjourned at
    • Next Meeting Monday, January 13th at 7:30pm- 1st Floor Conference Room