The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

May 2013 Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

May Monthly Meeting 5/13/13

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road – NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1

The meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by Jay Soloway

In Attendance: Michele Andrea, Jay Soloway, Sandra Erickson, Donna Hildreth, Vincent Sheehan, Dan Smith, Eileen Lorner. Gina Rojek, J Mark Korey, Claire Butkus, Cheryl Vitow, Nancy Sclazone, Lisa Coletta, Diana Sichta, Ellen Beagle, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Nancy Costello, Carol Paszamant and Ericka Bundy

Opening & Introductions were made by the Membership

The April Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

Treasurer’s Report – Vincent Sheehan reported a Bank Balance of $47,041.11. Total Income YTD $4,403.89 and Total Expenses YTD $2,956.38.

New Business:

Insurance Policy Premium Increase for Animal Related injuries-Vincent made a motion to increase tthe coverage to $1000 and it was passed by the Membership. This will cover any liability especially doing the Cat Adoption Day event

 Middlesex County Office of Emergency Management (OES) & County Animal Response Team (CART) Lieutenant Tom Bykowski presented to the membership on the end-to-end process of CART. Tom and Geoff Goyette (ACO) Geoff’s with his dog Belle by his side spoke to the membership about the need for volunteers, especially those people who are comfortable around animals, to help in the case of a disaster in which animals need shelter and care. There are many different types of jobs needed to be filled and there is no obligation to the number of hours you volunteer. If anyone is interested is signing up to volunteer or want more information about CART, you may contact Lieutenant Tom Bykowski directly at or or 732-316-7152 .


Dog/Cat Food Bank –Sandi Erickson reported that 23 cats & 5 dogs where fed last month

Donation Cans Update –Sandi Erickson reported donations have totaled $149.83 YTD

Discussion Points & Event Updates:

Flea Market /Rummage SaleMay 18thNB Township Complex-710 Hermann Road The members received updates from Sharon Weinstein Canavan and Eileen Lorner.

Sharon announced on Friday, May 17th at 3pm the members and anyone who wants to help will meet at Sharon’s house to pack the truck of donated items. On a separate note, we need tables for the Rummage Sale portion of the event. If you have a table please bring one. Small furniture must be donated the day of the event. Start time for volunteers is 5am the day of the event to start unpacking the truck.

Eileen reported we have filled 63 Vendor spaces. Friday night we will need volunteers approximately 5pm-6pm to help mark the vendor spaces.

All members were reminded to take down the 18×24 signs & stakes the day after the event and to keep them and bring them to the June meeting. We are saving them for next year.

Super Cat Adoption DayJune 8th –Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church Recreation Hall 1740 Route 130 N, North Brunswick – Lisa Coletta – Lisa reported she had 14 confirmed Animal Rescues & Shelters with 150 cats participating. Lisa will contact individual people as to their event responsibilities. Donna Hildreth reported that Public Relations announcements have been sent through various channels. Vincent Sheehan and Eileen Lorner appeared on The Pet Stop, Channel 12, and the show will be aired on June 1st and June 2nd. Thank you Vincent and Eileen. In addition, Trifolds and 18×24 signs were distributed to the membership. There will be a tabling event at LA Fitness on Wednesday, May 15th and we will be advertising the Super Cat Adoption Day.

Educational Series Update- Ann Marie Walters & Claire Butkus- tabling-No update provided.

Second Chance for Animals (SCFA) Dog Walk in the Colonial Park in Somerset11am-2pm on Sunday, May 19th– NBHA is having a table at this event. Jay Soloway is looking for volunteers to work the table. Please contact Jay at 917-658-9952 if you are interested.

Pennies for Pups –Sandra Erickson was contacted by a Linwood Middle School teacher whose students have been running a program called,” Pennies for Pups”. They would like NBHA to be the recipient of their funds. He is looking to make this a school wide project. Sandi is looking to do a half hour educational series to the 6th grade in Linwood on “why to adopt”. Sandi would like to see the funds from this project used to start a grant Matching Program called” Pennies for Puppy Grant” to be used for medical purposes in local rescues and shelters for both dogs and cats as the rescue/ shelter see fit. More to come.

Monopoly- Sandra Erickson- tabling- no update provided

Good & Welfare

TNR & Shelter Reform & Legislation- Donna Hildreth- no update provided.

NBHA to Poem- Ellen Beagle created a poem about NBHA on our website. Thank you Ellen. We encourage all members to go on the website and read it.

The next meeting is Monday, June 10, 2013

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30pm