The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

December 2012 Monthly Meeting Minutes

North Brunswick Humane Association

Monday, December Monthly Meeting (12/10/12)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Employee Lounge

The meeting was Called to Order by Jay Soloway at 7:36pm

Attendees: Michele Andrea, Judy Kosior, Donna Hildreth, Claire Butkus, Laura Mayo, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Eileen Lorner, Jay Soloway, Dan Smith, Lisa Coletta, Linda Sheehan, Vincent Sheehan, Nancy Costello, Jane Prestup, Richard Polny, Anthony Turchiue, Helene Roth, Gina Rojek, Erica Bundy, Carol Paszamant.

Opening & Introductions by the Membership took place

The November Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

Treasurer’s Report – Vincent Sheehan reported, Total Income this Month – $527.00, Total Expenses-$0.00. YTD – Total Income -$17,675.28,Total Expenses – $20,752.66, Net Loss- $(3,077.38). Total Cash Balance as of 10/3/12 – $45,231.21.

  • Dog/Cat Food Bank –Sandi Erickson was not present –No Update ProvidedDonation Cans Update – Sandi Erickson was not present –No Update ProvidedSpay/Neuter Program (SNAP) – Lisa Coletta –no changes to report
  • Business & Events:
  • Insurance Premium– Vincent Sheehan entered a motion for the renewal of the insurance policy of $1200.00. A majority passed the motion.
  • By-Laws- Voting Majority Mishap- The Term Limits as outlined in By-Law #7.5 will remain in effect since it did not pass a majority in the November meeting.
    • 7.5 Terms – Any newly elected Director shall hold office for one year, effective beginning at the February Annual Meeting, as is then eligible to be re-elected for a one year term and no more than three consecutive terms. The proposed term of the office shall be printed next to a nominee’s name on any ballot
    • Mall Tabling Event Results (Thanksgiving Weekend) – Jay Soloway reported -the Food Drive at the Menlo Park and Brunswick Square Malls was a great success. A total of $943.00 in monetary donations was collected plus a collection of dog & cat food.
  • Nominating Committee- Claire Butkus and Sharon Weinstein-Canavan announced the slate of officers for election currently under consideration as follows: President- Jay Soloway, Vice President- Sandra Erickson, Treasurer – Vincent Sheehan and Secretary- Michele Andrea. Erica Bundy indicated she would not seek a third term as Public Relations officer. Any member interested in any of the Officers Positions including Public Relations, please email your resume and the Office you are interested in to the NBHA web site at
  • Finance Committee Update- Sharon Weinstein-Canavan reported the Finance Committee had a meeting and announced recommendation to the membership. A system and changes have been put in place to streamline the processes.
  • Fundraising Efforts– Stress Factory- New Brunswick– (March 3rd) – 5pm-8:30pm – Eileen Lorner announced we are moving forward with this event. Eileen passed around the media for membership feedback. Questions were raised about how Second Chance for Animals is advertising this event since it is a co-sponsorship. She will follow up with them. The tickets for this event are $40.00 per person including a buffet dinner & the show. The headliners for this event are, Buddy Fitzpatrick and Melvin George.
  • Tabling Event -WOW Gym Updates (January 21st) – 4pm-8pm- Eileen Lorner- will be held on a Monday night at the WOW Gym. Non-Members attending will be entitled to a free night at the Gym.
  • Membership Drive – Vincent Sheehan – Location- Deer Park Recreation Center
    • Sunday, Date TBD in February, 12:00pm to 4:00pm (after Super Bowl (Feb 3rd) & before Stress Factory) WE WILL SELL TICKETS TO STRESS FACTORY
    • Food & Desserts & Beverage
    • Formal Presentations from- Animal Hospital (educational) & Trainers (educational
  • TNR at Renaissance Village Condo Update – Michele Andrea – the TNR process started on December 7th, only 3 cats were captured. The rainy weather had an impact on the balance of the days to follow; this is a work in progress. More to follow.
  • Cold Water Creek Tabling Event– (Shoppes of North Brunswick) (December 15th) – 12pm-5pm-Jay Soloway reported this tabling event will not include the typical point of sale additional discount for a donation to NBHA. The retailer’s Corp office did not approve the additional discount. If anyone wants to volunteer contact Jay.
  • Cat Adoption Event– Our Lady of Peace Church- (June 8th) – Jay Soloway reported Father John has agreed to allow us to use the Recreation Center Hall once again this year. More to follow.
  • NBHA Community Involvement-Jay Soloway, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan and Eileen Lorner have volunteer to help out– Free Rabies Clinic (Saturday, January 12th) from 1pm-4pm (rain date –January 19th) . We want to sign up people to be drivers to take residents who are elderly or disabled to the clinic. An email will go out. A signup sheet was passed out to the members at the meeting.
  • Animal Advocacy Work Shop – The Advocacy Workshop was sponsored by HSUS-NJ and held in Hillside, NJ on Saturday, December 1. Donna Hildreth and Carol Pazamont attended and reported on the workshop. One focus was to give people tips on how to effectively advocate for animals. A major focus of the workshop was on the Smart Bear Bill (Senate Bill 2369 ) introduced by Senator Lesniak. NBHA members were given information about the Smart Bear Bill and were given contact information in case they wanted to thank Senator Lesniak. An APLNJ Alert regarding feral cats that were being denied the 7-day hold was circulated to the members. ACOs in Manalapan, Millstone and Freehold. People are being asked to contact MCSPCA and the NJSPCA and ask them to investigate the ACOs involved.

The Next Meeting, Monday, January 14, 2013

Meeting Adjourned 8:50pm