The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

October Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

Tuesday, October Monthly Meeting (10/09/12)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1

The Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Jay Soloway

  Attendance: Michele Andrea, Jody Kosier, Jay Soloway, Brenda Sauer, Jocelyn Caffrey, Marie Maciel, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Clair Butkus,Christa Von Peters, Dan Smith, Eileen Lorner, Anthony Turchioe, Helene Roth, Linda Sheehan, Vincent Sheehan, Richard Polny, Nancy Costello, Cathy Nicola, Erica Bundy, Sandi Erickson

Opening & Introductions took place by the Membership

The September Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership

 Treasurer’s Report – Vincent Sheehan reported a Total Cash Balance of $40,562.90. This includes YTD Total Income of $10,251.69 and Total Expenses of $17,918.06 with a Net Loss of $7666.37.


  • Dog/Cat Food Bank –Sandi Erickson – we fed 27 cats/8 dogs this past month. A big thank you to Christa Von Peters & Dan Smith for their ongoing help on this program. NBHA needs- 5 oz cans of Wet Cat food. Vince Sheehan from Katie’s Pet Depot we donate 4 cases of wet cans.
  • Donation Cans Update –Sandi Erickson –YTD donations of $652.14.


  • Heritage Day- Saturday, September 29th – Results Update- Jay Soloway-A big Thank You to Nancy Costello & Eileen Lorner for helping out that day and promoting the Dog Walk-a-Thon.
  •  9th Annual Dog Walk-a-Thon – Sunday, October 14th 11am-3pm, North Brunswick Community Park – Michele Andrea reported we are ready for the event. She thanked her committee for all their support in getting us to this point. A shot out to Eileen Lorner, Donna Hildreth, Kelly Schloosberg, Kari DeLeon, Sandi Erickson, Dan Smith & Lisa Coletta.
  •  Membership Open House Committee – Jay Soloway – this item was moved to the next meeting.
  •  NB Dog Park Maintenance– Michele Andrea – park complete with the exception of trees and latches for the gate. Thank you NB Parks & Recreation.
  • Finance Committee – Vincent Sheehan & Jay Soloway – The By-Laws required an oversight finance committee be created. Sharon Weinstein-Canavan will be the Chair Person and Helene Roth will be a member.
  • Spay/Neuter Program (SNAP) – Vincent Sheehan reported that all Animal Shelters and Rescues have been issued their grants.
  • ByLaws Committee – members have been given noticed for the November meeting for voting. Claire spoke to the membership and asked that we take the voting on the By-Laws seriously.
  • Legistration on preventing Pet Stores with Puppy mill Animals – Jay reiterated that NBHA would go in front of the NB Council and ask for an ordinance be passed that would prevent Pet Stores who sell Puppy Mill Animals not be allowed to operate business in the North Brunswick Township.
  • EMS- Eastern Mountain Sports – Last Saturday, October 6th, Jay and Michele held a tabling event to get the word out on the dog walk.
  • Good & Welfare
  • Deer Population in Thompson Park, Monroe Township– Nancy Costello-No Update at this time.
  • Increase Membership– Cathy Nicola had a great suggestion to get the contact info on those owners who are on the Licensed Dog & Cat database, to see if we could increase membership. Michele will follow up on this item. In addition, Cathy suggested we set up a table at the Rabies Clinic in January to get membership sign up.
  • Increase Food Bank Donations– Richard Polny suggestion we go to the Board of Education to see about setting up a program by which we can get dog & cat food donations from the various high schools.

The next meeting is Monday, November 12th

The Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm