The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.



North Brunswick Humane Association

August Monthly Meeting (8/13/12)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1

 The Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Jay Soloway.

In Attendance: Michele Andrea, Jay Soloway, Claire Butkus,Donna Hildreth, Judy Kosier,Jane Prestup,Sharon Weinstein Canavan, Eileen Lorner, Brenda Sauer, Judy Goodheart, Nancy Costello, Alexander Bruges, Michelle Kleinman, Helene Roth, Erica Bundy, Ann Marie  Walters, Gina Rojek, Kelly Schlossberg, Carol Paszamant, Vincent Sheehan  and Sandra Erickson.

  • Opening  & Introductions by the Membership took place
  • The July Minutes were read and accepted by the Membership
  • Treasurer’s Report was presented by Vincent Sheehan- NBHA has a Bank Balance of $50,372.65 with Month/Month Total Revenue of $3,319.40 & Total Expenses of $863.18 with a Total Net Income of $2,456.22.
  • Dog/Cat Food Bank –Sandi reported 27 cats & 8 dogs were fed last month
  • Donation Cans Update – Sandi reported we collected $438.19 YTD
  • North Brunswick Township Display Case – We want to thank Sandi for decorating the Township lobby display case on behalf of NBHA for the month of August. Good Job Sandi!
  • National Night Out –Jay reported the result of $17.19 in our donation jar. All volunteers enjoyed the evening and having the opportunity to meet the community.
  • Middlesex County Fair- August 6th -12th Jay reported results of $21.32 in the Contribution Jar.
  • L’Oreal “Because Your Dog is Worth It Too Day”– Saturday, August 18th – Sandi indicated her team is ready for the event. Christa and Sandi will be handing out gift bags in which our Dog Walk-a-Thon flyer is included among other goodies.
  • 9th Annual Dog Walk-a-Thon – Sunday, October 14th 11am-3pm, North Brunswick Community Park – Michele confirmed the date/time & place the event will take place. Donna updated the team on the # of confirmed Sponsors of 5 with 1 pending, Eileen updated the team on # of confirmed Vendors of 21 with 24 pending and Kelly updated the team on 11 Gift Certificates in total and more to come.
  • Fundraising Events-Jay indicated these are 2 separate events (1) A New Membership Drive Open House (2) A Fundraising Dinner with a tricky tray, silent auction etc. More to come.
  • By-Laws Committee – Jay made it clear based on the By-Laws, the discussion of the changes will take place at a separate meeting on September 10th meeting.
  • NB Dog Park Maintenance-Michele reported she spoke to Lou Ann Bensen, Director of Parks & Recreation, for an hour in her office about the Dog Park issues. Lou Ann and her staff are committed to bringing the dog park back to its original condition. Parks & Recreation closed the park temporarily and sprayed each side to kill the weeds and bugs on Monday, August 13th. The fence will be replaced where needed , trees will be added  for shade, they will be planted in the fall and there maybe an opportunity to bring a water supply close to the park.
  • Heritage Day- Saturday, September 29th – 12pm-5pm- Jay is still on target for this event.
  • Bowling Fundraiser- will be held on Saturday, September 8th from 6pm-10pm at Brunswick Zone Carolier, 790 US Rt. 1, North Brunswick. Jay handed out Bowling Flyers and asked everyone to place them in all the local businesses.
  • Super Cat Adoption Day– Sandi reported the final count was 50 Adopted Cats at this event.
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods- we have stopped our relationship with Modell’s Sporting Goods for their Team Weeks Program and ask others to boycott their establishment due their partnership with Michael Vick and his line of clothing. Our principles preclude us from dealing with animal abusers, and our beliefs are that Vick, on the one hand did something so egregious that it is unforgivable, and on the other hand, even if it could be forgiven, with the proper remorse and remedy showed, we do not believe that he is being honest with the public.
  • Volunteer Policy – In order to bring continuity to our event process, a Volunteer Policy and Guideline have been created. Michele will be email the policy to everyone after the meeting.
  • Puppy Mills- Jay is going to contact Mayor Womack on this subject and get back to the membership.


Good & Welfare


  • Karma Cats & Zen Dogs –is having a fundraiser dinner at Bensi’s Restaurant on August 23rd. We encourage all to attend in support of this wonderful organization. You can find information on their web site at

 Thompson Park in Monroe Township– Nancy Costello raised the issue at the last meeting regarding the living conditions of the Deer population. She is in contact with the North Brunswick  ACO  on this situation to get direction and guidance.

  • The next meeting is Monday, September 10, 2012
  • The Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm