The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

February Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

February Monthly Meeting (2/13/12)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1

  • Meeting Called to Order by Jay Soloway at 7:32pm
  • Attendance: Michele Andrea, Vincent Sheehan, Jay Soloway, Sandi Erickson, Erica Bundy,Judy Kosior, Claire Butkus,AnnMarie Walters, Eileen Lorner,J Mark Korey, Dan Smith, Lisa Coletta, Brenda Sauer, Christa Von Peters, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan, Lix Angel Daniel, Kelly Schlossberg, David Prestup, Jane Prestup, Kari DeLeon
  • Opening & Introductions took place by the Membership
  • The January Minutes read and accepted by the Membership
  • Treasurer’s Report- Vincent deferred the financial
    report until next meeting
  • Founder’s Month- February 2012- Jay  & Michele presented AnnMarie Walters
    (Founder) and Claire Butkus (Historian) with awards for their dedication
    and long term service to the association since 1993. Sandi had a cake created for the occasion.


  • Dog/Cat Food Bank Update – Update- Sandi reported 31 Cats  & 13 Dogs were fed last month. We are looking for more food bank locations.Sandi & Jay updated the Membership on a call they received from a mother of a little boy (Ryan)who had a birthday party and requested his party guests bring a donation of pet or human food to his party. NBHA will honor Ryan is some special way.
  • Donation Cans Update – Update – contact Sandi if you
    want to help place cans.


  • SNAP and Senior Cat Program Results Update
    Lisa reported, under SNAP, 73 Dogs/Cats were spayed/neutered at our local
    shelters. The board asked Lisa to provide a proposal for Phase 2 of SNAP. Eileen
    reported 8 adoptions took place as a result of the Senior Cat Program. The
    board asked Eileen to make modifications to her proposal for the Senior
    Cat Program. Both program proposals will be reviewed at the March meeting
    for a membership vote.
  • Super Cat Adoption Day- Update –Committee- we will make
    a decision by the end of this month to move forward or not with this
    event. More to come.
  • Flea Market/Rummage Sale– Update- Committee- we need
    more advertisement. We have not received any definite commitments from
    vendors. More to come.
  • North Brunswick Township Display Case– NBHA ‘s
    turn is the month of August- Sandi will handle this again as she did last
    year. The display will represent what has taken place in the past year
    with NBHA.
  • Educational Series – Ann Marie & Claire updated
    the members that 6 schools are currently in the program this year. Some
    commitments have been made by John Adams School for April 4th
    and the Judd School –April 24th or 25th. We will
    send out an email to announce that we need volunteers to speak at the
    schools. Contact Ann Marie at 732-297-5525 if you are interested in
  • Coldwater Creek Event- is tentatively planned for Saturday,
    March 31st –More to come
  • Mall Dates – will be in May –more to come
  • Pet First Aid- February 19th– Diana
    Sichta is holding this course – NBHA members get a discounted price of $50
    and 10% is being donated to the NBHA organization. Details are on the
    Website. An email blast reminder will be sent to the membership.
  • NB Dog Park Bulletin Board– any ideas on how to keep it
    fresh on a monthly basis, please email Michele or Sandi at

Good & Welfare

  • The Children First Montessori  School in North Brunswick –
    had a Winter Carnival on Saturday, February 11th and a portion
    of the proceeds were donated to NBHA. NBHA is waiting on the final accounting.
    Thank You Montessori School. You Rock!
  • Feral Cats in East Brunswick– Mark Korey updated the
    membership on Mom (Ghost) and her Kittens. He shared photos and let told us
    all are doing very well, they adjusted to domestic life. Mark thanked NBHA
    & Christie at Karma Cats for our assistance in capturing these cats
    and the medical care that followed.
  • The next meeting is Monday, March 12, 2012


  • The
    Meeting Adjourned at 8:55pm