The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

October Monthly Meeting Minutes


North Brunswick Humane Association

October Monthly Meeting (10/11/11)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1



  • The meeting was called to order by Jay Soloway at7:35pm


  • In Attendance: Michele Andrea, Brenda Sauer,Jay Soloway, Claire Butkus, Steve Rutch, Gisela Rutch, Jocelyn Caffrey, Sharon Weinstein-Canavan,Dan Smith,Lisa Coletta, Eileen Lorner, Lixangel Daniel, Erica Bundy and Sandi Erickson.


  • Opening  & Introductions of the membership took place


  • The September minutes were read and accepted by the membership


  • Treasurer’s Report was waived- Treasurer was not present at the meeting




  • North Brunswick Dog Park -Bulletin Board- the key was given to LixAngel who has graciously volunteered to maintain the look of bulletin board.
  • Dog/Cat Food Bank Update– Sandi reported 20 cats and 5 dogs were fed last month. Sandi is working with Petco Pet Stores to work out an arrangement for donated food to the NBHA food bank.
  • Donation Cans Update – Sandi is always looking for help in distributing these cans. Please contact her at


  • Yoga & Holistic Health Expo- Michele Andrea coordinated this event. We thank Tarra Madore and Inner Light Yoga Center for inviting us. We collected $7.00 in donations but gained exposure to another segment of our community.
  • Cold Water Creek Event– We enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Cold Water Creek on this tabling event. They were most gracious and want to continue with the relationship and stage another event around the holidays. We collected $67 in donations. We thank AnnMarie Walters for coordinating this event and her and the team of Clarie Butkus, Jane & Dave Prestup’s for their volunteerism on that day.
  • Anthropology Tabling Event- Sandi Erickson coordinated this event with Anthropology Stores which ran for a week. The corporate event was called “Sit, Stay, Love” in which the stores collected food, treats, toys, blankets etc, for the North Brunswick Humane Association. Some of those items have already been distributed to local Animal Rescue & Shelter organizations as well as the animals on the food bank distribution list.
  • Heritage Day Event- Jay Soloway reported that due to the weather the event was moved from Saturday to Sunday. We did not participate as planned due to a lack of available resources to work the event.
  • 8th Annual NBHA Dog Walk–a-Thon –Jay first thanked Michele for her effort on this event. Michele thanked the team for their execution the day of the event; it was flawless. Although we fell short of last year’s results and attendance was down 49% due to factors such as (other events going on in the area, religious holidays etc) the event cleared $900.93 in profit. Everyone had a great time and all agreed the Halloween Costume Contest and the DJ were great! Thanks to our Sponsors and Vendors for their support and to all those local businesses that contributed gift cards for the giveaways. There was an engaging discussion on adding dog games and other items to next year’s event. Stay Tuned.
  • Next Mall Events– Our next Mall events are on Saturday, October 29th from 12pm-7pm – Jay Soloway will coordinate the Menlo Park Mall & Sharon Weinstein-Canavan will coordinate the Brunswick Square Mall. Come out and visit them. Both are looking for volunteers to help out at the table.


New Business


  • Modell’s Discount Coupon– Once again NBHA will be partnering with Modell’s on this event from November 4th– December 1st. With the coupon, at the point of sale the customer gets 15% off their purchase and NBHA gets 5% back as a donation.


  • Petco Stores- Ryders Lane, Milltown –Adoption Day for NBHA. Petco has set aside 3 Sundays a month ongoing for NBHA to hold open adoption days. We are looking for kittens and feral cats to put up for adoption. Sandi Erickson is working with Petco on this endeavor. Lisa Colletta and Dan Smith are coordinating on this effort with Sandi. Eileen Lorner offered her services as well. More to come.


  • Cat Adoption Day- Our main mission states “we act to support local animal rescues and shelters”. Towards that goal, we are looking to establish a day in which we host a cat adoption day for all the local animal rescues and shelters in the area (all non-profit orgs). More to come.


  • Applebee’s Restaurants– February has been designated as Sprayed and Neutering month by the Humane Society of the US. They encouraged organizations to hold events during the month to raise awareness to this segment of our animal health and wellness. To that goal, we are looking to have a fundraising event with Applebee’s. More to come. Sandi Erickson


Good & Welfare – nothing was discussed


  • Next Meeting is –November 14, 2011
  • The meeting adjourned at8:30pm