The Mission of the North Brunswick Humane Association is to provide education and guidance to our community in pet and wildlife issues through various community groups, civic organizations, and school boards for the purpose of enhancing quality of life for our pets, wildlife and residents. We also support endeavors that promote humane and protective services in the treatment of animals.

September Monthly Meeting Minutes

September Monthly Meeting (9/12/11)

7:30 pm ET

710 Hermann Road –NB Community Complex

Conference Room #1


  • The meeting was called to order by Jay Soloway at 7:35pm


  • Attendees: Michele Andrea,Jay Soloway, Vincent Sheehan, Erica Bundy, Sandi Erickson, Linda Sheehan, Claire Butkus, Brenda Sauer, Eileen Lorner, Lisa Colletti, Dan Smith Judy Kosior and Noel Hahn
  • Opening  & Introductions by the membership
  • The August Minutes were read and accepted by the membership
  • The Treasurer’s Report was deferred to next month




  • North Brunswick Dog Park – Michele will contact Gail to get the bulletin board key back so that LixAngel can begin updating the board.
  • Dog/Cat Food Bank Update– Sandi reported 24 cats and 6 dogs were since last month. Also, Petco provides a charable donation of food through a program they have in place. Sandi will follow up with Petco. The food bank is low of food and in need.
  • Donation Cans Update – Sandi reported we received 8 cans totaling $193.50 in donations. Sandi is in need of people to place cans in the local businesses. Please contact at if you are interested in helping.



Members are needed to participate at each event

  • Bowl-a-Thon Update – Jay reported we had Revenue of $277.35 and Expenses of $25.00, Netting a profit of $252.35.
  • Yoga & Holistic Health Expo– This organization offered NBHA a complimentary table at the event. Michele will be handling this tabling event on Saturday, September 17th from8am-3pm in Our Lady of Peace Church Hall on Route 130 North,North Brunswick.
  • Cold Water Creek Event– In Ann Marie’s absence, Michele reported that ColdWater Creek offered NBHA a tabling event at their store at the Shoppes of North Brunswick on Route 1 and 130 South on Sunday, September 18th   from12pm-6pm. This event will kick off a corporate wide initiative bringing awareness to Animal Rights in the month of September. For every NBHA donation the buyer gets an additional 10% discount at the register. This is on top of any store discounts being provided that day.
  • Heritage Day Event – Is being held on Saturday, September 24th, 12pm -5pm at Babbage Park. Setup is at 10am.We are still in need of volunteers.
  • 8th Annual NBHA Dog Walk–a-Thon – Michele reported all is going well and is on schedule. The event is on Sunday, October 2nd, from 1pm-4pm at the North Brunswick Community Park. We will be placing signs on all major roads this weekend. A separate email blast will be sent to all members to solicit volunteers to hang the 18”x24” signs and place Pamphlets & Flyers in the local businesses. We will be distributing the signs and pamphlets on Friday, September 16th at the Township Complex on710 Hermann Road in Room #1 from2pm-8pm.
  • Next Mall Events– Halloween Weekend- Jay (Menlo Park ) & Sharon (Brunswick Square) October 29th– 12pm-5pm- volunteers are need to work at the tables
  • L’Oreal (Your Dog is Worth It Too) Day- Sandi reported we had donations of $42.50 and thanked all the volunteers for their support.



New Business


  • Anthropology Tabling Event– Sandi reported NBHA is having a table event from September 17th– 24th. Anthropology will be collecting blankets, toys, beds, bowls etc for NBHA.
  • Muscle Maker Grill –North Brunswick Event- Michele reported they are looking to have a night at Muscle Maker Grill with a % of the proceeds going to NBHA. More to come.
  • Project Management Template- Michele & Jay shared with the membership this new template which will serve as guidelines for anyone who is leading a committee or event for NBHA. Besides providing direction and help in guiding the member through the various touch points in a new project or event, this guide will also provide rules applicable to all members, regardless of whether or not they are involved with a project. As an example,”Under no circumstances should anyone, other than an elected member of the Board of NBHA, contact any person ,division, department, official, organization, business, company or media on behalf of, or as a representative of the NBHA without the consent of the board”.
  • NBHA T-Shirts– Sandi reported our new NBHA T-Shirts are in and are on sale for $10 and hats for $15. Interested parties please contact NBHA through the website email address at
  • New agenda category will be added at the end of the agenda called “Good & Welfare” –it is will serve as a catch all for Misc items
  • We received a thank you letter from the NB Police dept for our participation in National Night Out.
  • The next Meeting is October 11th ( since on October 10th the Township Complex is closed in observance of Columbus Day)


  • The meeting Adjourned at8:50pm